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Graduating Seniors Look Back on their GU Experience

Graduating Seniors Look Back on their GU Experience

With graduation on the horizon, it’s always nice to take a look back on what made our college experience great and look forward to see what it has helped create. Most of us, however, aren’t graduating this year, so here’s what the future holds for three of the seniors graduating from Graceland.


Haley Larson


Major: Health

Minor: Biology and Church Leadership

After Haley graduates, she plans on attending Worsham College of Mortuary Science in Chicago for a year and continuing on in that profession by getting an apprenticeship in the Midwest at a funeral home. Once she completes her apprenticeship, she hopes to one day become a funeral director or embalmer. For her health major, Haley did an internship at the funeral home in Leon which gave her the hands on experience and real life exposure that she longed for on her path to become a funeral director. As a member of Amici, Haley has been given several opportunities to improve her leadership, delegation, communication, and organizational skills. She took full advantage of those opportunities and held positions as a Chaplain, House President, and ASC representative. When asked how Graceland prepared her for life after graduation, Haley answered, “I have learned things from the classroom that will benefit me, but the hands on experience has prepared me the most.”  On campus, she has also been involved with Community of Christ as a member of the Community of Christ Leadership Program (CCLP) for all four years of her Graceland experience. As a senior she has, “worked for Campus Ministries as the CCLP Student Assistant and helped with other activities involving Campus Ministries if needed.” Even though Haley is graduating this year, she’ll never forget the atmosphere that Graceland created for her. She’ll never forget the friendships and spontaneous adventures that were fostered by her time spent on Amici. When prompted on what she missed most about Graceland Haley said, “The thing I am going to miss most about Graceland is the environment. This is the place where I have grown as a person and blossomed into the wonderful woman I am today. I am going to miss the friendships I have formed and the awesome staff I have met… I am so grateful for Graceland and I am going to miss this place after I graduate. “


Dylan Foster


Majors: Business Administration and Sports Management

After Dylan graduates, he plans on getting a job for a couple of years and seeing where that takes him. He currently has an interview at Cerner Corp. in Kansas City on April 29th that he believes will be fortuitous. He says that Graceland produces students who are ready to step into a professional job or continue their education after graduating by allowing students to foster their own interests and act on them. Through Graceland, Dylan was able to act on his own interests by being a part of the McClain internship which “provided [him] with a competitive set of skills that a lot of people don’t always receive at ordinary internships.” Dylan took advantage of the positions offered by Graceland and spent three of his years involved with the on-campus housing system, one as the house president of Cheville. He was also a project manager for Enactus, a dispatcher for Safe Ride, and a co-founder of the Social Equality Alliance on Graceland’s campus. His favorite Graceland experiences were Cheville functions. It was hard for him to choose a single experience as his favorite over his four years at Graceland, but he decided Cheville’s ‘Die Hard’ function his Freshman year was one of the best. When asked what he will miss most about Graceland, Dylan said, “I will miss the youthful feeling I felt at Graceland. I will miss a lot of the people I befriended and the stories I heard. I got to meet a lot of very different people, many of whom I will sadly never see again. That is what I will miss most.”


Oscar Chang Tun Jie


Majors: Computer Science Information Technology and Mathematics

After graduating, Oscar, an international student from Malaysia, plans on getting a job in the United States. He hasn’t decided exactly where he wants to work yet because he is still looking around and completing interviews. Graceland helped prepare Oscar for life post-graduation by offering him leadership positions such as Association Computing Machinery (ACM) president and Academic Student Council (ASC) representative. His classes also put him in situations that helped his team work skills in the Graceland community. Oscar got an internship offered by Graceland with Smith & Associates and was able to work with some of Graceland’s alumni who are employed there. On campus, Oscar is also involved with Agape house council, International Club, and Graceland’s tennis team. His favorite Graceland experience was being able to meet new people across campus and participate in events with his hall. Oscar will miss everything that Graceland created for him, especially Winter Term.


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