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MyGraceland: Navigating Academia

MyGraceland: Navigating Academia

While MyGraceland tries very hard to be user-friendly, there are always going to be parts of a website that some people can’t find or don’t understand. When I was an underclassman, I found myself fiddling around on MyGraceland when I looking for my class schedule or even when I was bored, but not all students do that (many others have actual hobbies outside of school). I recently told a senior about the Degree Audit located in the Academics section and realized that there are probably many other students making their own lists and struggling to know what classes they still need to take. Our advisors are always around to help and just an office visit or an email away, but some students want the autonomy to do it on their own, and I’m going to show you how.

I’m going to focus on four parts of the Academics section under the Student tab on MyGraceland in order to give you the most important information quickly and concisely without having to stress.

academics-1 academics-2

You can find the “Academics” link here once you click student at the top, and then we’ll look at the individual sections moving forward. These four sections are shown above: GPA Projection, Registration, Degree Audit, and All My Courses. These are obviously not the only sections in the Academics section on MyGraceland that can be helpful, but they are the four that I use most often and help me out the most.



To use GPA Projection, you need to click on it and then “Go” when you hit your designated program (most students will only have the option of “Undergraduate Program”. When you get to the next page, MyGraceland will tell you what your current GPA is and how many credits you have taken. You need 120 to graduate so keep that in mind when you sign up for classes (it equals to 15 at least a semester to graduate on time). Each minor has different requirements, and we’ll get to that later. You can see your “projected GPA” lower on the page by guessing what grade you’ll get in the class and then seeing how it affects your overall GPA and the semester in general.


Registration is where you will find what classes you can sign up for each semester (like the GU Catalog tab at the top) and that also allows you to add/drop/swap classes for given semesters. I use the registration section to sign up for my classes and plan out my future semesters. If you are an underclassman, you may not be able to do this on your own but you can still look around. By looking at previous semesters, I can guess the times that future classes will be taught and when other classes are offered. In the third picture you see that you can choose more than the semester that is in session, and under that you can see where to input your classes. If you know the Course Code for the class you want to take, you can click Add by Course Code highlighted there in red, and if you need to search I recommend looking up the department (e.g. BIOL for Biology, PHED for Physical Education, and ENGL for English) so that you can see all the courses available in that semester for that department.


One of my favorite parts about MyGraceland is the Degree Audit. It shows you all of the classes that you have taken toward in college AND shows you how they go toward your degree. In the third picture, you can see that it shows you what I have completed for my general education goals and what I still need to finish. When you click on each individual Goal it will show you all the classes that count for that credit (and that maybe have some overlap with your major. The fourth picture is located in the Degree Audit section and is where you can declare your major if you’ve decided to change or came in undecided. The average college student will change their major (and minors) about five or six times before they graduate, and I can attest to that – I’ve changed mine more than that already.


This last section, All My Courses, helped me realize recently that I’ve taken more classes than I realized. After Graceland took away Winter Term (R.I.P.) it was taken away from the Degree Audit, but it wasn’t removed from All My Courses, so I was 3 s.h. closer to my graduation requirements than I had thought (which doesn’t sound like a lot, but I’ll take 3 less credits wherever I can get it). All My Courses shows you, in one section, all of the classes that you’ve taken, what semester they were in, how many credits they were worth, and what grade you earned. If you forgot that you’ve taken a class (like me) it definitely proves more than helpful.


There are so many cool things that MyGraceland has to offer, and it may take a little searching to find all of them sometimes, but hopefully this helps some students in learning how to help themselves.

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