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To 7 or Not to 7

To 7 or Not to 7

Do you hate listening to music in a convenient format? Do you like having the newest, most original technology of your homies? Do you like pineapple on your pizza?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, chances are you might be a diehard apple fan and have already preordered the newly released iPhone 7.

Since its release, the iPhone 7 has solicited a multitude of reviews—some, kinder than others. For starters, one of the most prominent features on the iPhone 7 is the lack of a headphone jack—limiting all music listening to Bluetooth or requiring an additional adapter. On a good note, it’s said to be up to twice the speed of the iPhone 6—which I think is pretty incredible.

A recent poll of Graceland students shows that 70% of students are not happy with the new release. The leading factor in controversy over the phone is the lack of a headphone jack. Contrary to this, 30% of students said they were fans of the update and hope Apple continues to innovate.

Here are some things Graceland students had to say: “I think it’s a huge waste of money. I would much rather invest in traveling the world and making adventures with the ones I love—which is where my priorities should be” -Kayla Schaefer; “iPhone 7? Does that come in Pumpkin Spice?”-Krista Berry; “No way, Jose. The iPhone 7 is a waste of money. Apple is just going to keep coming up with newer technology that outdates their predecessors and it’s just some big scheme”-Bryn Nilsen; and “I’ll stick to my Galaxy” -Cole Gray.

When I first heard news of the iPhone 7, the idea of planned obsolescence popped into my head. This idea is essentially a marketing tool that companies use to force the consumer to buy the latest products. A great example of this would be how DVD’s replaced VHS systems. Are Bluetooth headphones going to replace line-in headphones in the near future? Who knows. What we do know, as consumers, is that we have the power to shape the products we see. If enough people are unhappy or if the sales aren’t at a high enough margin companies will adjust. So, if you’re not entirely thrilled with the iPhone 7, I would implore you to take a stand against Apple and show them who’s really the boss.

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