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Cory Dye, the Logo Guy

Cory Dye, the Logo Guy

Internships are an effective way for students to immerse themselves into the workforce. Junior Cory Dye had the opportunity over the summer to work for American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN). What is that, you ask? It is an organization that links to businesses that provide transportation or distribution services to places in peril. They were founded after a bunch of service organizations came together after Hurricane Katrina.

Most of Cory’s day wasn’t dedicated to this job though. He had another 8-4 job during the day, and he spent his afternoons working on posting for the network’s Facebook or emailing about designs for the logo. “Not all internships are full time,” Cory said. “I was only spending about 10 hours a week working on projects.”

Cory’s position at ALAN was a new idea for the company. His job was to post on social media sites, mainly Twitter and Facebook. His big contribution was the logo. He was the leader of a group of people and he led them through the process of designing a new logo. Cory is still working on this logo as of now.

This logo project was a bit challenging in how Cory was only able to communicate over voice calls, emails, and phone calls. It is not easy coordinate ideas and interact entirely over the computer. But this setback did not impair Cory’s abilities or success. ALAN has offered Cory a job doing the same thing next summer. He enjoyed the world that the network showed him. He says, “I’m hoping that this will lead to a career in supply-chain logistics.”

This opportunity helped Cory learn what he likes and how to push himself. Obviously, this is a pretty good gig to get for an incoming junior. This break didn’t just land in Cory’s lap. He went out and got it for himself. He also had some help from his Advisor, Jeff McElroy. He says, “It just shows how having a good relationship with your advisor can pay off!”

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