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Magnificent Seven

Magnificent Seven

This week’s feature attraction at the Lamoni Coliseum is The Magnificent Seven. Director Antoine Fuqua brings the classic story of good and evil to the Coliseum’s screen. Industrialist Bartholomew Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard) takes deadly control of the town of Rose Creek, terrorizes the townspeople, and slaughters a group of locals when they attempt to stand up to him.

The desperate townspeople seek protection from seven outlaws, bounty hunters, gamblers, and hired guns. Sam Chisolm (Denzel Washington) recruits a wide-ranging group of gunslingers to take on Bogue and his ruthless killers. As they prepare the town for the violent showdown that they know is coming, the seven find themselves fighting for more than money.

Critic Comments: “Fuqua’s remake is a worthy successor to the ’60s ‘Seven.’” (The Seattle Times) “Magnificent Seven has one and only true goal: It’s a new Hollywood crack at good, old-timey entertainment.” (Slate) “This Seven’s just silly, solid entertainment: multiplex fun by numbers.” (Entertainment Weekly) “The Magnificent Seven had me smiling throughout, tapping into Saturday matinee memories without seeming entirely old-fashioned. (Tampa Bay Times)

It is rated PG-13 for extended and intense sequences of Western violence, and for historical smoking, some language and suggestive material. It runs for 133 minutes.

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