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Giving Life to the Death of Pablo
Joy Bragg and Chris Potter mid dance showing off their second outfit in the fashion show.

Giving Life to the Death of Pablo

Scaroused: the feeling of being scared and aroused at the same time. The entire audience sitting in the Shaw Amphitheater on Halloween night experienced this emotion.

Chris Potter, a freshman from Tiona, debuted his performance art that was fashion meets dance meets zombies. It started with a DJ getting some music going. This got people in the crowd up and dancing while waiting for the show to begin. Celeste Sterling introduced the show, saying it was “gonna be lit.” She was not wrong.

The show commenced with Potter and Joy Bragg dancing, freestyling, and showing off their first outfit. Then, all of a sudden, about a dozen students came out from behind the audience, dressed in their Pablo fashion and in full zombie makeup. They growled and grunted and limped as they mingled about the viewers. After that, they came together and went on to a movement of choreographed routines and fierce struts down the makeshift runway.

This show was a celebration of the black culture present at Graceland University along with a wonderful allusion to Kanye West’s latest album, and a shout-out to the Halloween holiday. This show captivated its audience and allowed the people involved in the show to display their vast amount of talents.

Tiona man, Galu Peapealalo, looks to the sky as he poses in his Pablo-wear.

Tiona man, Galu Peapealalo, looks to the sky as he poses in his Pablo-wear.


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