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Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge

This week’s feature attraction at the Lamoni Coliseum is Hacksaw Ridge. To promote and honor service men and women, anyone with a military identification will pay only $5.00. The film highlights the extraordinary true story of a soldier during WWII – Desmond Doss played Andrew Garfield. In Okinawa during the bloodiest battle of WWII, he saved 75 men without firing or carrying a gun. Doss was the only American soldier in WWII to fight on the front lines without a weapon, as he believed that while the war was justified, killing was nevertheless wrong. As an army medic, he single-handedly evacuated the wounded from behind enemy lines, braved fire while tending to soldiers, was wounded by a grenade, and hit by snipers. Doss was the first conscientious objector awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Critic Comments: “[Director] Mel Gibson’s “Hacksaw Ridge” is a brutally effective, bristlingly idiosyncratic combat saga — the true story of a man of peace caught up in the inferno of World War II.” (Variety) “Steeped in blood, guts, and Christian iconography, ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ is a tribute to one man’s courageous adherence to his deepest beliefs.” (Los Angeles Times) “Thanks to some of the greatest battle scenes ever filmed, Gibson once again shows his staggering gifts as a filmmaker, able to juxtapose savagery with aching tenderness. … Gibson has made a film about family, faith, love and forgiveness all put the test in an arena of violent conflict – a movie you don’t want to miss.” (Rolling Stone) “Brutally intense and elegantly crafted, the film showcases the stellar acting chops of Andrew Garfield and Vince Vaughn and its director Mel Gibson’s best work behind the scenes since 1995’s Oscar best-picture winner Braveheart.” (USA Today) “This is Gibson’s first movie since the 2006 Apocalypto, and his first since rational people everywhere turned against him for his repeated anti-Semitic ravings. Hacksaw Ridge doesn’t absolve him of those. But it’s still a movie that reaches out toward the idea of goodness in the world. And whether you or I like Gibson as a person or not, it’s no one’s place to deny his reach.” (Time)

Hacksaw Ridge runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 6:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. at the Coliseum Theater at 100 North Maple Street, Lamoni. The film is rated R for intense prolonged realistically graphic sequences of war violence including grisly bloody images.

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