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The Social Experiment

The Social Experiment

This past week, I was lucky enough to participate in a bit of a, let’s call it a “social experiment,” in which my once fully functioning laptop decided to take a plunge into the deep, depths of darkness and death. To save you on some overzealous drama, my laptop crashed and thus I began my transition to notepad and pen.

Here is my account:

Day 1: “Well this sucks. I was literally on the last episode of Stranger Things. Like seriously? You already took Barbara away from me, and now this? Haven’t felt this much disappointment since I moved out of my mom’s womb.”

Day 5:  I had a paper due at 11:55 tonight. Normally, I would wait a little closer to the due time to write, but no biggie, I ran over to the library and got it done pretty quick. While over, I even got a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate!

Day 10:  I don’t have class on Tuesdays, so I usually binge watch an array of Netflix originals and daytime telenovela’s (“Aye Papi!”) Instead, I decided to get breakfast with my dear friend Becky, and honestly I think I heard more boy drama then I would have from my soap operas—so it worked out!

Findings:  At the end of the day, yeah, access to a laptop definitely adds ease to your life but you can totally get by without. I’m finding I don’t really use my laptop that much to begin with, so this isn’t as big of a heartbreak as I thought it had been at the time. Also–cool finding–Microsoft Office is on the app store, so writing papers can be a cinch.

So if you’re lacking a laptop, don’t fret, head on over to the library—where the hot cocoa is always full!

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