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Top 9 Ways to Combat the Cold this Winter

Top 9 Ways to Combat the Cold this Winter

Faced with the impending doom of Winter, we are tasked with finding a solution. Although your older brother’s hand-me-down jacket is a fantastic option, let’s get creative—here are 9 creative ways to bundle up and stay warm this frosty season!

1. Go thrift shopping and find a poppin’ new coat!

2. Make an igloo with your best pals. Crawl in, and enjoy your wind-free, “chill” pad.

3. Find you a special honey, sit down on a couch with a nice bear-fur throw, turn the lights down low, and Netflix and chill.

4. Exercise. Warm those bones. Maybe even work off those 39348239048 pieces of pie you (air quote) didn’t eat (air quote.)

5. ELECTRIC BLANKET. Yes, they’re real—who’d a thought.

6. Make bacon—it’s inevitable you’ll be splattered with some hot grease; and everyone knows there’s nothing to warm your heart quite like a freshly sizzled arm.

7. Get a lava lamp. Stare into the lamp. Be one with the lamp. Lick the lamp. Dance with the lamp. Date the lamp. See, now you’re warm.

8. Have a hot chocolate drinking contest—first one to the crusty bottom wins! #lit

9. Find a friend and breathe on each other’s faces. For maximum results, try when you first wake up or with a cinnamon Altoid.

Follow these few steps, and there’s no telling how warm you’ll be this winter! And if all else fails, you can head over to the GSG office on a Friday and pick up a warm, FREE cookie! Stay warm!

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