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Work Your ASC Off!

Work Your ASC Off!

Feeling a little bent out of shape? Not a fan of those rolls that have just a smidge too much jelly? Well you’re in luck! Graceland’s Academic Student Council (ASC) has deployed just the thing for you! Alternating Wednesdays from 8-9pm, you can try out a yoga class or Country Heat live!

Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline which includes breathing regulation as a form of meditation. Taught by our very own Leah Koch, yoga is an art of both body and mind that allows the person to reflect on thyself and take time out of their busy days to have “me time.” In addition to self-reflection, yoga is a great core builder as well as an overall body toner. Calisthenics is an ancient practice of stretching the body to achieve fitness and motive grace. So these “silly hippy-dippy stretches” might have more behind them than meets the eye.

Country Heat Live is best described as a form of Zumba—or “dance exercise.” It’s an aerobic exercise that literally allows you to dance your ass off. Traditionally, Zumba is demonstrated with Latin music, however, Mallory Osen has put a country spin on it and thus Country Heat Live was born. Participants can learn moves that include line dancing steps, as well as learning to lasso a stallion.

Whether you’re an experienced yoga guru, cowgirl–or not–all levels of experience are welcome. ASC has reserved the Fitz from 8-9pm so you might as well give it a try. Heck, grab a couple friends and have a fun time with them. Nothing is more spiritual, and gets the bonding going like a group of all your hot, sweaty friends—being sweaty together!

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