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BSU “Tunnel of Oppression” Event 4: Civil Rights Movement and Spoken Word

BSU “Tunnel of Oppression” Event 4: Civil Rights Movement and Spoken Word

Thursday at 2pm in the MSC the Black Student Union spoke about the Civil Rights Movement and those who contributed to its efforts like Ella Baker who was a very influential director of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Many others were noted including Adam Clayton Powell Jr. who worked for desegregating schools in Washington D.C. and was famous for his phrase “Keep the faith, baby,” and the face of the Civil Rights movement, Martin Luther King Jr., who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, four years before his assassination.

They also talked about actions that were taken during this fight against injustice like sit-ins where African Americans sat at counters in restaurants waiting to be served by a white staff and faced harassment and even physical abuse. Freedom Rides were also a big action that tested how well the law of desegregating interstate buses was upheld in the southern states.

Tonight at 8pm students came together to protest the injustices they see and live in this world by sharing their experiences and observations through the power of spoken word. Held in the Shaw auditorium, students’ voices were heard in their pain and in their stand for social justice. The audience snapped their fingers in agreement to the many truths spoken this night. To conclude the event the stage was opened up to anyone who wished to share more poetry, or thoughts, or personal stories.

If you missed the opportunity to hear the spoken word just make your way to facebook. I livestreamed the majority of the event as did others! Friday at 2pm the theme of discussion was Black Lives Matter and later from 7-9pm there were small group discussions about the entirety of the week. To finish off the week BSU hosted 90s night at Choices on Saturday from 11pm-2am, pizza provided!

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