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How Spectacular “Ruined” My Graceland Experience
The Spectacular poster from 2014, my first year at Spec.

How Spectacular “Ruined” My Graceland Experience

Every summer,a camp at the end of July takes place here, on the Graceland University campus. It is hosted by the Community of Christ for high schoolers from around the nation. There are four main areas that the camp focuses on: sports, leadership, arts and worship, and it’s called Spectacular (like literally, that’s its name). There is a hearty population of students that attend this week filled with fun and friendship. No doubt this experience has influenced their time here. Being a Spec alumna has impacted this year, my first year, as a Graceland student greatly. Here is how Spectacular “ruined” my Graceland Experience

Having previously spent a nonconsecutive four weeks here, I already knew my way around campus. This was a huge inconvenience. I was looking forward to loitering around the Quad and walking into wrong classrooms. Having a familiarity with the grounds hindered me from getting lost and humiliated in front of my peers.

Before even stepping foot on campus, I already had a slew of close relationships with other students. When I walked into the commons for the first time, I had options of where I could potentially sit. Seriously! There were like three different tables I could sit at. Unfortunately, my best friend since childhood also came to school at Graceland, so I sat with her. I missed out on wandering around the commons, trying to figure out who looked the least scary, and wouldn’t break my nose if I sat with them.

Spec is such an amazing experience. I spent six summers at this camp, and I never met a single person who didn’t have the time of their life. Before Graceland became my home, I had connected positive emotions to the campus. I moved to a different state, away from all my family, and instead of feeling alone and scared, I felt welcomed and part of a great community.


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