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Grateful for COSA: Recap of Big Man on Campus

Grateful for COSA: Recap of Big Man on Campus

Are you grateful for Graceland?!  Energy in the MSC was high this week with all the games, entertainment, popcorn and interviews happening to celebrate this eventful community!  What at Graceland are you thankful for?  One thing that I’m grateful for is COSA and all the exciting events the put on!

Let’s recap on COSA’s event, Big Man on Campus, that happened this past Friday, March 17th!  At 9pm in the Shaw auditorium students were immediately drawn to the opening of the show as emcee and comedian Adam Grabowski gave hilarious insight to our everyday lives followed by a well choreographed group dance of all participants.

For the first round, Big Man contestants impressed judges and audience alike with their crafty costumes of various Disney princesses representing the theme Princess Power.  We were thoroughly entertained by Tinkerbell repeatedly falling on his face while learning to fly, Elsa’s very messy snow storm (just like in the movie, it was difficult to clean up), Mulan’s karate skills (where she never dropped the staff ;] ), and Jessie from Toy Story roping cattle and surprising us with his hidden fruit juggling talent.

Grabowski continued to draw laughter, and some tears, as he made us view Disney songs in a more adult way, making us think twice about letting our future children watch the same movies we grew up with.  At the end of the first round, only eight participants were supposed to move on the second round, but for the first time in Big Man history, there was a tie and a lucky ninth winner advanced to round 2: catwalks and pickup lines.

The nine princesses strutted, galloped and danced their way to center stage, hoping to win the admiration of the judges with their smooth talking.  While each line certainly drew someone’s attention, only four princesses continued to the third and final round: Question and Answer.

BM final4

Featured left to right, Nala (Paloma), Jessie (Hanthorne), Ariel (Aponivi), and Jasmine (Solah) found their characters challenged as they were questioned about their secrets, their purrrrrfect days, and which other princess they were most against!  In the end it all came down to one princess… who isn’t even a real princess (seeing as her secret was that she was a man, [gasp!]) but we love her anyway!  Jessie from Toy Story, otherwise known as Devin Rose, won the hearts of all the judges and left the night as Graceland’s 2017 Bigman on Campus.


If you missed this powerful event, don’t fret!  There are still COSA events to look forward to, such as Academy Awards (videos due this Friday, March 24!).

Also, if you loved Adam Grabowski as much as I did, and wish to see more, follow him on his social media!


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