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Looking Forward: Graceland Student Government

Looking Forward: Graceland Student Government

The 2017-2018 school year already looks bright with a new round of student leaders stepping up on campus. Over the last month and a half, Graceland has faced a series of elections related to Student Government Officers in February and House Presidents over the last week or so.

For next school year, the GSG team includes:

  • Melissa Sherer, GSG President – class of 2018
  • Becca Hoerres, Speaker of the Senate – class of 2019
  • Kason Tabor, Campus Organization of Social Activities President – class of 2019
  • Tim Brunner, Intramural Director – class of 2018
  • Cassin Garr, Academic Student Council President – class of 2019
  • Randallynn Smith, Council of House Chaplains President – class of 2020
  • Taylor Warner, Council of House Presidents President – class of 2018


All of the student leaders are excited for new programs and opportunities that they can bring to Graceland’s Lamoni campus.

When asked about advice for younger students running for student government and house council positions, Becca Hoers said, “My advice is to just do it. You might come to realize that it is the best decision you have ever made. I grew a lot [on house council] and kind of came out of my shell, and I would encourage anyone that has the opportunity to be part of student to just to it. It will impact your life in a very positive way.” Taylor Warner agrees with Becca and says, “Graceland has so many opportunities for growth, relationship building, and leadership, and I truly believe that it helps a person reach their full potential.”

Randallynn Smith, the only sophomore slotted for next year’s student government team, loves that students are given a voice through student government. “Being able to ignite change for the whole campus through student government is such a cool thing,” she says. “It’s an amazing thing that does not happen everywhere.”


Randallynn Smith (center, gray coat) loves her current Campus Ministries team and can’t wait to work with new students next year!

Randallynn also believes that being a member of a house council team is a very important part of being at Graceland for her. This past year she has been the Chaplain of Sariah House and says, “Being a Chaplain is just as beneficial to you and your leadership journey as it is for the people you help. You become this guiding and uplifting presence, an immediate friend, and that safe person who others can be honest with.” Randallynn will most likely bring that same loving energy to the CHC team next year as President, and she’ll definitely encourage her Chaplains to spread that same friendship throughout their halls.


Taylor Warner (bottom row, center) is excited to lead all the House Presidents next year to success just as she did this year with her house, Solah!

Taylor Warner has been the House President of Solah House throughout this school year. She believes an HP needs to be passionate about their house and about Graceland. Even though the House Presidents for next year have been chosen, Taylor wants everyone else to know that the position is very rewarding, even if it’s difficult a lot of the time. She says, “I want [potential House Presidents] to be excited about the ideas that they have and the ways that they can improve their house and their relationships!”


Becca Hoerres (far right) is currently an active member of Paloma’s House Council.

Becca Hoerres wants students to run for Senate for next years team because they do so much! She says, “Students probably think of the recycling drive, blood drive, and the Sodexo complaints when they think about Senate, but we are also an organization that tries to instate the changes students want to see on campus and help other organizations try to make our campus the best place it can be.”

The other GSG Officers couldn’t be reached for comment, but if you are interested in running for a house council position for the upcoming school year, talk to the designated house representation, the current GSG officer, or one of these fine students that will represent you and then entire student body next year!

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