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Helene Student Gallery: ¡Corre y se va con…!

Helene Student Gallery: ¡Corre y se va con…!

Pictured: Artist Kari Cardiel in Morelia, Mexico

Beginning April 10th and finishing April 25th, the Helene Student Gallery in Graceland University will witness a Mexican twist of the famous game of bingo. The gallery will have an art show which is about the traditional Mexican board game called “la lotería”.
This game has been played since the last half of the eighteen century displaying traditional images portraying the Mexican culture. The born and raised Mexican artist, Kari Cardiel, shares her culture through updating this traditional game into modern representations of the images.

Kari Cardiel is a current senior student at Graceland University. She was born and raised in Morelia, México. She decided to go to college in the United States to play college tennis and to accomplish her majors. Currently she is a Visual Communication and Social Media Marketing major and a Web Design minor. Graceland University has given her great opportunities to meet new people, getting internships and having an art show.

The Mexican artists stated “Being born and raised in Mexico has shaped my identity. The Mexican culture is a mixture of Mesoamerican and Spanish influences and it has showed me the importance of traditions, believes and values. I found importance in this game because my grandparents, parents and I played it and I hope my future kids will play it as well.” She concluded “This show expresses my excitement about my roots and it showed me that it is fine if we make changes as long as we never forget where we come from.”

This Friday April 21st, the Mexican artist will have her art exhibition in the Helene Student Gallery in Graceland University from 6 to 8 p.m. There will be free Mexican food samples and everyone from all ages are welcome. She will display the board game and all her art pieces. Finally, the artist said “I feel like I brought a small piece of my country to the Helene Student Gallery, it feels like home”.

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