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Year-End Mood Swings

Year-End Mood Swings

Spring is here in full force, the end of the school year is in sight, and summer is around the corner for students here at Graceland. In the midst of this, there is a strange sense within some of the students. A mixture of anxious anticipation for summer, stressful studying for finals, and perhaps just living together in the confines of Lamoni since August. All of these things get to different people in different ways. Some people are happy, some are sad, some are so overwhelmed that they can barely function.

School releasing for the summer is a big deal, but it brings out a lot of diverse reactions in the people around campus. The seniors exhibit this exceptionally well. You have the seniors who are so over the school experience that the last day of class cannot come soon enough. In opposition to this you also have those who want to put on the breaks and slow down the final couple of weeks. Those same sentiments travel down the chain to underclassmen as well. No one is free from possibly emotional effects that the end of the year can bring to the forefront. Even teachers can fall victim to the pressure of the approaching end of semester.

All of these mixed and opposing feelings can come to a head in some relationships. As one friend talks tirelessly about their summer plans and their readiness to move on, another friend could be hurting hearing those things because they do not feel that way at all. A person could be really struggling with the idea of going home or leaving the school atmosphere, while the people around them embrace it. Examples like this easily works in many scenarios. Those who feel really ready for tests and express that to those who feel unprepared and afraid of their finals express similar emotions. These emptions create barriers between the people who feel differently. These opposing feelings can lead to fights that stem from stress, or to the distancing from one another. These year-end “mood swings” can seem really strange to those who have not taken the time to understand what others are feeling.

The point is that we simply do not know what other people are thinking or feeling. Even though the end of the year can bring a lot of excitement or anxiety, we have to be conscious of what others feel. We all go through different things in this life, and to get along we have to try and see things from other’s point of view. Before we leave Graceland for the summer, or for good, try to mend the bridges that may have crumbled in the midst of these year-end mood swings.


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