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20 Graceland Things To Do To Get Your Freshman Year Started Right

20 Graceland Things To Do To Get Your Freshman Year Started Right

If you’re too excited or too anxious to figure out how to start off your first year at Graceland, here are 20 tips to get you started in the right direction.

  1. Go to House Meetings! Graceland’s house system is a wonderful way to meet all types of people and have a home away from home.
  2.  Learn your room code and laundry code fast, because checking your phone’s note app is going to get old real quick.
  3. Download the “Bite by Sodexo” app to know what days to go to Commons for lunch… and which days to go to the swarm.
  4. Participate in Messy Games and then stand in front of a freezing cold hose to get the water off!
  5. Attend COSA Night at the Linden Street Coffee House to find your new favorite study spot and your new favorite smoothie.
  6. Figure out which buildings have air conditioning… and which don’t. You’ll be thankful when you wear shorts to Briggs or bring a sweatshirt to Shaw.
  7.  Go to a department meeting! If you’re in a major or an extra curricular activity that has a lot of upperclassmen, it’s really great to meet them early on to get help with what classes you should take when and what faculty members to avoid.
  8. Get to know your Brother/Sister house! Graceland pairs up houses every semester so that you can get to know more people on campus throughout your four years!
  9. Do everything you can during Homecoming Week! The Airband practices might be late at night and a little hectic, but it’ll all be worth it when you have thousands of memories and pictures of it all.
  10.  Don’t drop anything in the Commons. You’re guaranteed to hear a lot of clapping whenever something falls, and if you happen to drop something, know that it’s all in good fun!
  11. Save a couple bucks here and there to go Kum & Go for late night slushy runs or to Casey’s for a good ole slice of ‘zza.
  12. All students with a meal plan automatically get $50 worth of “G Bucks” (Graceland dollars) to spend at various places in town like Subway and the Linden Street Coffee House. So don’t spend your own money right away if you want to go Pizza Hut or La Cocina Real for dinner with your new friends.
  13. If you don’t use all your Flex Points that come with your meal plan, don’t worry! You can use them in the Spring semester instead of stocking up on 24 bottles of Vitamin Water.
  14. Bring your student ID with you everywhere! It’s the key to get into your dorm and the Fitz along with your way into the Commons! Sometimes people will let you use your ID number to get food at the Commons or Swarm, but not everyone’s that nice and sometime’s the lines are long.
  15. Textbooks are normally cheaper if you use Chegg or Amazon than the school store, so check out other prices before buying that $74 macroeconomics text book you’ll only open six times.
  16. You don’t need to drink alcohol to have a good time at college! Graceland offers so many different activities during the week and on the weekends that sometimes you have to choose! Don’t give into peer pressure if you are uncomfortable, and real friends won’t pressure you in the first place.
  17. Intramurals aren’t just for athletes. A lot of Graceland’s intramural seasons consist of “A” and “B” team for those who have played the sport before… and those that definitely haven’t. So everyone gets to have fun without getting upset!
  18. Campus Ministries events and services aren’t just for Community of Christ students! Worship on Sundays, like everything at Graceland, is open to all denominations and faiths. The main purpose is to welcome each other and to share in the love for this beautiful community.
  19. Paint the Bell! When your house decides they’re all going to get up at 4AM on a Thursday morning to claim this Graceland icon as their own, do it! You might be tired, but your hands will be covered in spray paint and you’re face will hurt from smiling so much.
  20. College can either be the best time of your life or a struggle. Meet new people, join a few clubs, and go to class. You might not feel up to it in the beginning, but four years from now when you have a packed resume, your dream job lined up, and that diploma in your hand, you’ll thank me.

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