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Get IT together Graceland

Get IT together Graceland

Is it just me, or is it hard for some of you to do research for school work without access to internet? Now, this is obviously a first world problem, being withdrawn from wifi, but holy heck Graceland, get your shit together! School has been in session since August 21st, and guess what—I still can’t use internet in my room! In fact, I can’t use it on 90% of this gosh darn campus—and its infuriating!

Now, for some background, this is not my first rodeo. In fact Graceland has had Wifi issues EVERY SINGLE YEAR. I have never arrived to campus and had the ability to use my laptop or phone without wasting my already limited data. I have never arrived to campus without receiving a patronizing email to the effect of “Sorry, we’re doing all we can to try to figure out the problem” even though the issues are at the surface level. See, when faced with this problem I thought to myself about buying my own router and having my own wifi connection on campus, Because the added cost would be worth it if it meant I could actually use internet and had the ability to turn stuff into My.graceland—the website literally every faculty member uses for homework assignments and announcements. But guess what—that’s against the rules. So there truly is no way around the lack of wifi.

You know how Buzz Lightyear’s catch phrase is “To infinity and Beyond?” Well that’s a phrase Graceland will never have the credit to back—because they will always do the least, if given the opportunity. Minimalism can be great, but in regards to bandwidth and ip addresses, less is NOT more. And what urkes me even more, is that Graceland is not a cheap school. You’d think students would be able to receive adequate internet access for the $35,290 bill we foot for this medieval education.

And for God’s sake if you’re working IT, do not, I repeat, do not sit there watching YouTube videos while people are waiting to talk to you—try doing your job!

Concerned student that needs to turn their paper in.

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