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Sodexo Hacks

Sodexo Hacks

We all have to do it. Every single day.Maybe you love it, maybe you hate, there is no getting around it. We have to eat Sodexo.

True, every student has the option of buying themselves groceries, getting out the frying pan, and cooking up our own meals. No one has time or money to do that every time a growl emerges in their stomach. At least not the on-campus students who are required to purchase some form of a meal plan (and that’s the large majority of us).

Here’s a list of ways to take advantage of one of the most expensive parts of your Graceland costs.


  1. Get to know the Sodexo workers. They’re awesome.

Have you ever stopped to talk to Cathy or Zina? Patricia or Jerry? Student worker Amelia Robinson says, “Well a lot of employees like Zina and Jerry are so nice to me and the workers make sure we do work, but have fun.” Not only are they good people, but they are good people to know. You become good enough friends with a Swarm Inn worker, and maybe they give you something for free… not that has ever happened of course ;). These women and men are some of the kindest people. “They always ask how days are,” Robinson said. “They’re always ready to have a conversation and greet with smiles.” So next time you’re leaving the commons, say thank you on your way out. Next time you’re getting some fries at the Swarm, crack some jokes with whoever is behind the counter. You won’t regret it.


  1. Eggs are your friends.

They’re delicious, high in protein, and are suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are pretty much always hard boiled eggs at the health bar. With a quick mix of mayo, relish, salt and pepper in with the yolk, you can make some good ole fashioned deviled eggs in a matter of minutes. Add some bacon bits from the salad bar on top if you’re feeling it. Most people don’t know this, but there is always an option of going up to a Sodexo worker and asking for an egg. Just a regular egg. You can then put in on the grill and make it however you fancy.


  1. Utilize that grill!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to different foods that can be made on those grills sitting on the island between the drinks and desserts. If you’re trying to get a standard, quick meal go for the classic grilled cheese or quesadilla. Want something a little more challenging? Try getting some vegetables and grilling them up and mixing them with rice from the sub line and make yourself a nice stir fry. You could also use this trick to make fajitas. In the mood for pizza bagels? Put some marinara sauce on the inside of the bagel halves, add some cheese from the salad bar and viola! You got yourself some pizza bagels.


  1. Mix and Match with the Sub Line.

It is a common misconception that one has to get a sub, salad, or wrap to go through the sub line. Nope, students are more than welcome to go and get just one ingredient and leave to make something different to fill their tummies. Go through the line grab some of the cold chicken, mix it with mayo or ranch, celery from salad bar, and grab either a pita or tortilla to make a chicken salad sandwich bowl. Use the seasoned chicken to add some spice to your quesadillas or fajitas.


Bonus Tip: Grab some caramel sauce from the ice cream bar, then grab an apple for a healthy and delicious treat of caramel apples.


Coming soon: Sodexo Cookbook by Jenna Pitstick

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