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National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day

Alrighty folks, mark your calendars. National Coming Out Day (NCOD) is tomorrow! This year, the 29th anniversary of the day will be observed on Wednesday, October 11th. Regardless of whether or not it affects you, this day is a day designed to show respect, tolerance, and support to those who it does.

On October 11th, 1987, thousands of people participated in the March on Washington for LGBT rights. This original demonstration created a ripple of momentum that led to the creation of a multitude of different LGBT groups. The day itself was founded by psychologist Robert Eichberg in 1988 after this demonstration. Eichberg believed that most people thought that they did know anyone gay or lesbian and that by showing people who are gay or lesbian would help to diminish the fears and various stereotypes that were associated with coming out.

This day was originally designed for various people to come out in different forms of media to help those who were potentially too afraid to back in the day. Now that the tolerance is a bit higher, and there are more gay public figures in the world to relate to, the day is observed in a more lighthearted way. Many people dress up and go to parades.  It is a day that is celebrated.

For each observance of this day, a theme has been announced by the Human Rights Campaign. These are some of the themes that have been chosen throughout the years:


  • 2014 – Coming Out Still Matters
  • 2013 – Coming Out Still Matters
  • 2012 – Come Out. Vote.
  • 2010 – Coming Out for Equality
  • 2010 – Coming Out for Equality
  • 2009 – Conversations from the Heart
  • 2007 – Talk About It
  • 2006 – Talk About It
  • 2005 – Talk About It
  • 2004 – Come Out. Speak Out. Vote.
  • 2003 – It’s a Family Affair
  • 2002 – Being Out Rocks!
  • 2001 – An Out Odyssey
  • 2000 – Think it O-o-ver (Who Will Pick the New Supremes?)
  • 1999 – Come Out to Congres

With all the hate that we see in the world nowadays, it is becoming increasingly more important to be kind and to be tolerant of one another. Regardless of what you believe, kindness should always be a virtue. On this day, we should be supportive and understanding of others.

*On another note, October 11th is also National Bring Your Teddy Bear to work/school day.

For more information on National Coming Out Day, check out these informational links!


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