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Shaken It Up at New Years in November

On November 11 from 10pm-1am, COSA will be sponsoring the annual New Years in November event. This year there are going to be a few changes.

The poster that has been on pegboards and TVs all over campus, which was designed by Chase Wood.

The poster that has been on pegboards and TVs all over campus, which was designed by Chase Wood.

There will be no pancake dinner after the dance this year. That’s right. No pancakes. But don’t you fret, for there will be pretzels, fruits, little sandwiches, and desserts provided during the event. Probably the most exciting and scrumptious thing are going to be the chocolate covered strawberries. Why you ask are we not getting the after-midnight snack? Because it costs $3500 to do so. Sorry, no pancakes this year, but let’s all get hyped for these mock-tails that are coming back!

The 2017 New Years in November theme is James Bond. And it’s gonna be Double O-AWESOME. It has been leaked that there will be real casino games as well as real casino workers. They will be there to facilitate the games and bring more of the real gambling ambiance.

The MSC Mainroom will be decorated with an extravagant red carpet to make the room look more dazzling. So don’t forget to take a stroll down the walkway to feel undeniably glamorous and bad-ass as Daniel Craig or Halle Berry. 

There is a rumor that there will be breathalyzers at the dance this year, so please do not come plastered. It may be cool when James Bond gets a martini “shaken, not stirred,” but it is not cool when someone vomits all over the bathroom and custodians have to clean it up.

When it comes down to the root of it all, New Years in November is supposed to fun for all students! So bring your dancing shoes and get ready to party with some jammin’ tunes and some delicious snacks. You’ll leave the night like James Bond’s martini – shaken straight to your core.

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