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The Only List of Date Ideas You Will Ever Need

The Only List of Date Ideas You Will Ever Need

Cupid is coming, Valentine’s day is approaching. Some people may look forward to this day of chocolate, oversized teddy bears, and love. For others, exposure to such extreme levels of pink, red, and general sappiness causes nausea, and the day serves as nothing but a painful reminder of one’s singleness. Whether you are the former or the latter, there are plenty of things to do around Graceland and Lamoni with that special someone in your life, or to celebrate your independence this Valentine’s day. Here are just a few ideas to set the mood.

Go for a walk: Enjoy a pleasant stroll for two (or one) on the bike trail that wanders through the beautiful and scenic town of Lamoni. The paths are paved and if you’re committed to finishing, the entire trail measures around ten miles. There are fun sights to see along the way and the trail provides a wonderful view of the landscape.

Go to a movie: Share some popcorn or not while catching up with some of the most popular movies of the year at Lamoni’s very own Coliseum theatre. Movies are many people’s go-to date, and what better way to spend the evening than watching Pitch Perfect 3 in 3D or perhaps The Greatest Showman?

Go for another walk: If you and/or your date deeply appreciate walking or nature, then this is the list for you. The next prime Valentine’s Day outing is Nine Eagles state park.  Here you can enjoy more of a woody atmosphere or perhaps a picnic by the lake. This “date” idea is perfect for the money conscious, as you get all the beauty of Lamoni at no cost.

Go shopping: If you just remembered that you forgot to get a gift for your lover or you haven’t treated yourself in a while, never fear. There are many fun shops located in Lamoni. We have everything from thrift and vintage to boutiques to the Amish Country store, and who doesn’t love presents?

Eat something delish: Pizza and milkshakes, pizza and milkshakes, pizza and milkshakes. Need I say more? Eat your feelings at one of the restaurants here. Pizza Hut and Pizza Shack to name a few, both accepting GU Bucks!

Drink something delish: Espresso your feelings over a good ol’ cup of joe at Linden Street Coffee House. This quaint little shop is the perfect location to unwind and spend some quality time. The menu is full of great food and there is a variety of equally delicious drinks offered as well. They too accept GU bucks, so it’s pretty much perfect.

Valentine’s Day, Single People Appreciation Day, or February 14th– whatever you celebrate, if you are in need of an outing, Lamoni has you covered. Love is in the air.

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