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Residence Life to Remove Women’s Hall Going Into ’18-’19 School Year

Residence Life to Remove Women’s Hall Going Into ’18-’19 School Year

Last Thursday morning, an email was sent to all members of the women halls on Graceland’s Lamoni campus regarding an “emergency” house meeting later that night. Typically, information that’s shared at the 9 PM CHP meetings on Wednesday nights isn’t dire and is shared either on a house’s Facebook page or the House President waits until the following Tuesday’s house meeting to share the information. house system

This time, that didn’t seem to be the case. The Residence Life Office released the following in the email:

“The Residence Life Office is asking all members of our 9 women’s houses, both on and off campus, to meet [tonight], February 8th at 6pm for an important announcement and discussion. Those who cannot attend are strongly encouraged to speak with their House President for more information. The locations of the meetings will be announced by your House President.

Your attendance is GREATLY appreciated.”

The House Inclusion Policy that Graceland abides by and seems to full-heartedly believe in reads: “Everyone who is here belongs here just because he or she is here and for no other reason. This is our rule. It depends on nothing else. Nothing changes it.”

Students might feel differently about that “policy” knowing that one of the women’s halls would be “dissolved”, which is the nice way of saying terminated. Between 40 and 80 women could possibly lose one of their key college identities with this “needed” change. I have been a member of two women halls during my time at Graceland, and both are integral in my Graceland identity.

Interested in what students actually think about all of this?

“Why try to separate the house’s that have been united since day one? Being on a house has made friendships for me and I consider my house, my family. These girls are my sisters and I don’t want to lose them because of room arrangements. Let us speak on behalf of those who are emotionally affected by this change, don’t just do it because you feel that it’s benefiting the University. Don’t tear families apart” – an Amici sophomore
I’m scared that I can fight as hard as I can to save my hall, but it won’t matter because there is nothing I can do say that’ll save my hall” – a Sariah sophomore
By 11 PM tonight, the women halls were forced to come to a decision regarding their house dissolving or “merging” with another hall, if this was even approved, before Residence Life randomly chooses a hall to terminate. There is the possibility that no matter how much these women fight for their halls, they will be abandoned after the ’17-’18 school year.

Part of the announcement during the “emergency” house meeting last week was this: “We were all called together tonight for a very important announcement and conversation. In looking at the number of empty beds and empty rooms in the women’s residence halls, it has been decided by the Residence Life Office it is time to strengthen all of the women’s houses for Fall 2018 by moving from 9 women’s houses to 8. Currently, multiple women’s houses are operating at half full. It is obviously much easier to have house spirit, full House Councils, thriving and healthy house communities when the houses are full”, and this is obviously true. I have seen houses this year have only one or two HoCo members, but those houses were full of men and not women.

Graceland’s had a retention problem for years, and we’re going to keep having problems if the university keeps removing staff positions, but most students don’t feel that this is the best way to handle the problem. House Presidents said again and again that this wasn’t a punishment or a House problem, but they are still getting rid of a home, a culture, and a House.

* All opinions expressed in this article are of the writer’s and do not extend to The Tower, and the article will not be removed due to offending anyone behind the scenes of this decision.

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