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 Jenna Pitstick & Jaime Reyes: Editors

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Jaime Reyes



I’m a third-year biology/chemistry major from Kenosha, Wisconsin and I look forward to pursuing a career in botany. I play soccer and am active with my house, Closson. Writing satire, current events, and short stories are some of my specialties.

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Jenna Pitstick



I’m Jenna, I’m a senior, and I’m double-majoring in Film/Theatre and English. I’m a member of Khiyah House and participate in the Theatre Department along with being a member of Chamber Singers. I write satire and news blurbs for the Tower and write mediocre short stories for myself.

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Natalia Kome



Hey, I’m Natalia. I’m a second-year student, supposedly an English major. (We’ll see how long that lasts. I keep changing my mind). I’m an active member of Amici. I like watching Parks and Rec and Archer. My favorite movie is probably Juno or maybe Tangled. I also really like writing, and I am super stoked about being on The Tower this year!

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Tabitha Reno

tabitha bio

Hey, I’m Tabitha! I am a second-year English Major (Film Minor) on Sariah house from Pensacola, Florida. In my spare time I’m likely to be reading, writing, or on FaceTime visiting with my eleven cats and three dogs back at home.

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Abby Karlis

abby bio

Hi, I’m Abby, and I’m a freshman from Spokane, WA. I play volleyball at GU and am majoring in Elementary Education with aspirations to be a 4th Grade teacher someday. Please start praying for me now. I have a deep appreciation for dogs, chicken strips, and Birkenstocks. Satire is my forte, poetry is not.

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Matt Moore

matt bio

I’m Matt, a senior majoring in both English and Art with a minor in Cinema Studies. Currently, I’m the editor of Graceland’s student-published and -edited literary magazine, The Vespiary. In my leisure, I enjoy traveling, reading, and writing music, among other activities of musing. Poetry, creative nonfiction, and short fiction comprise my less self-consciously bowdlerized oeuvre of writing in addition to the occasional scathing piece of cultural criticism (joking not joking).

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Lucy Bergere

lucy bio

I’m Lucy, a coffee and ice cream loving fourth-year Psychology major from Latvia who hopes to one day listen to people for a living (and maybe make sense of my own existence somewhere along the line). When I’m not overthinking or being socially anxious, I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, and watching Gilmore Girls.

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