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The Only List of Date Ideas You Will Ever Need


Cupid is coming, Valentine’s day is approaching. Some people may look forward to this day of chocolate, oversized teddy bears, and love. For others, exposure to such extreme levels of pink, red, and general sappiness causes nausea, and the day serves as nothing but a painful reminder of one’s singleness. Whether you are the former or the latter, there are ... Read More »

Various Snack Items to Suppress Your Tide Pod Cravings


The year is 2018. Almost twenty years ago, if we were to ask people what sort of things they envisioned happening in the future, the general consensus was that we were at least going to be living like the Jetsons. Yet here we are, locking up our Tide Pods, and living in fear of our young adults getting hungry for ... Read More »

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Congratulations everyone, we have officially made it through our first week of classes! Apparently, we are all going to school in the North Pole because it is an artic tundra out there. Hopefully, nobody has been welcomed back with frost bite. Our first weekend back at GU will be a three-day weekend, and I do not know about the rest ... Read More »

Kicking Stress to the Curb


I have some good news and bad news to share with you, dear reader. The good news? Congratulations! We have almost made it through the first semester of this college year! Thanksgiving and Winter break are just around the corner! The bad? Perhaps your stress levels are as high as Santa’s sleigh due to the also rapidly approaching finals. It ... Read More »

National Coming Out Day


Alrighty folks, mark your calendars. National Coming Out Day (NCOD) is tomorrow! This year, the 29th anniversary of the day will be observed on Wednesday, October 11th. Regardless of whether or not it affects you, this day is a day designed to show respect, tolerance, and support to those who it does. On October 11th, 1987, thousands of people participated in ... Read More »

You May Be From Graceland If…


Graceland University, like any other University I presume, has little quirks that make it unique. In fact, Lamoni, like any other small town, has its little quirks as well.  As an insider, many times it is difficult to identify those peculiarities whereas an outsider would be able to pick up on them immediately. As a freshman, I am still adjusting ... Read More »

Graceland Continues to Sting Cancer


“Dig Purple.” All Graceland-game-goers have heard the phrase at least once. This is the home volleyball match where everyone wears purple and goes to cheer Graceland on to another volleyball victory. In fact, we just had our 4th Annual Dig Purple match which resulted in a clean sweeping win by the Jackets. But what is the purpose of the purple? ... Read More »

DACA, We Support You.


DACA has recently transformed from its previous subtle existence and wormed its way into the spotlight thanks to a recent decision by President Trump to end it in its entirety. It is a buzzword; working its way into social media, classroom discussion, and dinner-table conversation. The removal of the DACA program has caused an uproar. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ... Read More »

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