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Brooke Lavery is the name, and writing awesome articles is my game! I'm from Philadelphia, born and raised. I'm currently a junior here at Graceland and I'm pursuing a degree in Communications. My hobbies include, (but in no way limited to), dancing, reciting lines from movies, and traveling.

Arbor Day Press Release


On this Saturday, April 26th, Graceland University will be hosting the annual Arbor Day Celebration! Brother and sister houses will be paired up to clean and work on different areas around campus to make our community a little better and greener.  Along with your hard work on campus, there will be a scavenger hunt where you will compete against other ... Read More »

Go Local: InVinci Graphics


Supporting local business has always been something that Graceland University is highly passionate about.  When shopping at a local business, you are helping to support the members in your immediate community. Yours truly has had the pleasure of working with U.S. Rodeo Supply over the last few weeks, and I think it is important for the student body to be ... Read More »

Faculty Spotlight: Susan Maroldo


Susan Maroldo is about four weeks away from finishing her final semester of teaching at Graceland University. After 27 years of dedication to Graceland and its students, she is stepping aside but certainly not saying goodbye.  In fact, she refuses to say goodbye.  “Teaching is not just a role; it is a way of life.  I don’t plan on walking ... Read More »

Tips on Finding an Internship and Crushing the Interview


If any of you Gracelanders are like me, you have spent the last few weeks agonizing over perfecting the resume, finding an internship, and crushing interviews.  I’m here to tell you to stay calm because things will (probably) work out.  It is officially crunch time, and if you have not figured out what you are doing this summer then you ... Read More »

Pet Peeves While Flying


Spring break is beginning this Friday and like most of you, I am going to be getting on a plane next to get to my exotic destination (home).  Over the years, I have had my fair share of plane rides, and I like to believe that I am someone who exhibits appropriate airport/airplane etiquette.  My trips have led to some ... Read More »

The 3 Questions I’m Tired of Having to Answer When I’m at Home on Break


If you are traveling home for break this year like I am, then I’m sure you can relate to having to answer these questions. 1.) How is school going?  Short (and Polite) Answer: “It’s going very well! Thank you for asking.”  Long (and Painfully More Realistic) Answer: “It’s horrible.  This past semester I have been up to my eyeballs in ... Read More »

Winter Term Does Make A Difference

Without Winter Term, I would have missed out on one of the best experiences of my life. Winter Term will continue for the 2014-2015 school year, but its future beyond that is still to be determined. Before my experience in Nicaragua, I was fairly indifferent to whether or not Winter Term would be a part of the Graceland experience.  Yes, ... Read More »

International Night: Not The Same Old Song and Dance

If you were not at International Night this last Saturday then you sure missed out on an evening filled with exciting talent.  At 7 p.m. on Saturday, November 2, people gathered in the Shaw Auditorium to support the diverse student body that is present on Graceland University’s campus. The audience got to witness a variety of acts, from singing to ... Read More »

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