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All articles attributed to this account are submitted by people not affiliated with the Tower. Please see the top of each article individually for information on the authors.

Yellowjacket Football Has Big Plans for Next Season

Submitted by guest contributor Tommy Vasquez Though the school year has come to an end, Graceland’s football team’s work has just begun. The first home game next year is against defending champs Grandview University, for which Graceland will be traveling to their home field for the first time since playing them back in 2012 with a tough lost. The Jackets ... Read More »

Agricultural Business Program Activities

Submitted by guest contributor Dallas Halley Graceland University offers a wide range of majors and minors, but one in particular that has started to expand the last few years is Agricultural Business. This may not come as a surprise, considering the location of Graceland University, but this new program that started in 2010 with just four members now has grown to 36 majors or ... Read More »

Mail Time: GU Mailroom In New Hands

Submitted by guest contributor Bret Remmengā In case people do not already know, the Graceland University mailroom was outsourced at the beginning of the spring 2014 semester to Ricoh, a Japanese-based imaging and electronics company. This means that Graceland University employees are no longer responsible for managing the mailroom here on campus; instead it is now overseen by employees from ... Read More »

“Graceland Identity” T-Shirt Policy

Submitted by guest contributor Steve Thurman The “Graceland Identity” policy was recently passed by the administration this semester, making some Graceland University students frustrated.  The policy requires that all Graceland-funded apparel and items stick to a strict set of guidelines that limit the usable fonts, colors, and designs on the items.  The proposal was meant to get Graceland to be ... Read More »

Net Neutrality: Not Nearly so Neutral, Now

Submitted by guest contributor Sam McFarlin The U.S. Court of Appeals struck down important parts of the FCC’s Open Internet policy in a ruling on the Verizon vs FCC case in January. This policy defined the rules of net neutrality, a concept which requires all Internet service providers (ISP) to make Internet content available at equal speeds to every user. ... Read More »

Is CAPTCHA Obsolete?

Submitted by guest contributor Austin Webberley If you’ve ever wanted to post a comment to a blog or registered a new email, you’ve surely encountered the dreaded distorted text that is CAPTCHA. These tests, while sometimes obnoxious to solve, are in place to prevent any unwanted “bots” from getting into parts of the Internet that they shouldn’t be in.  If ... Read More »

Life Skills Mentoring Program Helps Area Students and GU Volunteers

Submitted by guest contributor Annie Hosfield It’s hard to find anyone that would want to re-live their middle school years.  Raging hormones, changing bodies, first crushes, driver’s permits, and different schools are just some of the major obstacles that adolescents face during that awkward life stage. Aside from these stressors, however, there are a number of other variables that can ... Read More »

Student Spotlight: Brandon Beresford

Submitted by guest contributor Chris Lopez Playing in a lighted stadium, in front of thousands of people, may be the dream of everyone who has ever played a sport.  However, few people get this opportunity.  Even fewer get it while they’re still in college, but GU’s very own Brandon Beresford is the exception. Beresford’s parents are both from Guyana, a ... Read More »

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