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Jenna Pitstick is a senior English and Film/Theatre double-major from outside Chicagoland. She's currently one of the editors of The Tower and is obsessed with memes, cats, and writing investigative journalism that makes people question what they really support and believe.

Residence Life to Remove Women’s Hall Going Into ’18-’19 School Year

women halls

Last Thursday morning, an email was sent to all members of the women halls on Graceland’s Lamoni campus regarding an “emergency” house meeting later that night. Typically, information that’s shared at the 9 PM CHP meetings on Wednesday nights isn’t dire and is shared either on a house’s Facebook page or the House President waits until the following Tuesday’s house ... Read More »

“Heathers: The Musical” Takes Over Shaw Center


Since the beginning of the semester, 19 cast members, a director, a choreographer, and some technicians have put over 100 hours of work each for the theatre department’s spring musical, “Heathers.” I’ve been lucky enough to be the stage manager for the production, which will be my last at Graceland, and it’s been a wild ride from the get-go. “Heathers” ... Read More »

“Just. Jesus.” & GU Choirs @ the Temple


Normally closed on Sundays, the Community of Christ Temple opened last night for a special Temple Service entitled “Just. Jesus.” featuring sermons by Matt Frizzell, Dean of the Community of Christ Seminary at Graceland University, and Stassi Cramm, Community of Christ First Presidency. The worship included three songs from the Graceland Choirs, conducted by Sara Blessing with Organist Jack Ergo, ... Read More »

Recap: Q&A with President Draves and Graceland’s Vice Presidents


Last night, GSG sponsored an event in the MSC Main Room to start the conversation between Graceland’s administration and its students. In order to keep the questions appropriate and relevant to the conversation, questions were submitted to the GSG Office and required names attached to them. This way the event could be structured helpfully for the allotted time it was ... Read More »

FCC Repeals “Net Neutrality”


Last night was a “sad night”, Stephen Colbert said, when FCC voted to repeal net neutrality rules. If you’re uncertain about what these means for Americans and broadband companies alike, listen up. With the repeal of net neutrality, there is no regulation on broadband companies for blocking certain websites from the public and making certain chosen material inaccessible to the common population. ... Read More »

Indigenous People’s Day @ Graceland

indigenous 2

Last year, many students and faculty at Graceland dedicated weeks of their time to set up informational booths around campus to petition the celebration of Columbus Day on campus. Posters were designed, shirts were inked, and events were held in order to get the university to change the name on the school calendar. This year marks the first year that ... Read More »

#TakeAKnee Protests Less Prominent In College Football

football flag

For the last year or so, many football teams (and other national sports teams) have started to kneel during the national anthem. It is to show solidarity with the many black people who have dealt with racism and police brutality. Many believe it is because there are hundreds of people who don’t care about the military members that fight for ... Read More »

Guacamole at a Cost


A couple years ago, The Tower wrote its first article about Graceland’s specific Sodexo program. When cereal was taken away in the Commons, due to a sketchy “cereal shortage,” students at GU were not exactly happy. Last semester and the beginning of this year have been met with additions to the food that students are forced to eat for nine ... Read More »

20 Graceland Things To Do To Get Your Freshman Year Started Right


If you’re too excited or too anxious to figure out how to start off your first year at Graceland, here are 20 tips to get you started in the right direction. Go to House Meetings! Graceland’s house system is a wonderful way to meet all types of people and have a home away from home.  Learn your room code and ... Read More »

Art Awards at Scholars’ Showcase


Graceland’s Art Department held the 2017 Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition this past Thursday, April 6th in the Constance Gallery. Along with having their work showcased in the Helene Center, students and their works had the chance to win up to $2000 in awards. Students had to have been enrolled in a Studio Art class either this semester or in the ... Read More »

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