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50 Photos of Squirrels That Will Make Your Day


In honor of the wonderful occurrence that is Squirrel Appreciation Day (Jan 21st), here are some cute squirrels from all across the United States of America. One for each state that has them! (With the exception of Pennsylvania that is apparently home to the most fashionable of squirrels!) Feast your eyes upon these tiny creatures, and let them take away all your ... Read More »

Saving Daylight (The Annual 2AM Mission)


Every year, people go to sleep and wake knowing that an hour of their day has been taken away during spring, only to awake to an extra hour added to their day during fall. It is an odd practice that many have been questioning for quite some time. In 2012 a Rasmussen Reports survey of 1000 Americans found that around 40% ... Read More »

New Faculty

New Faculty

This year, Graceland has welcomed 10 new faces to its faculty, allowing the students on Lamoni campus to have access to 10 new sources of knowledge, academic guidance, and inspiration. The Division of Humanities has gained a new Assistant Professor of Spanish, Jonathan Montalvo PhD, who received his doctorate in Hispanic Cultural Studies from Michigan State University, currently focuses his ... Read More »

Free Speech, Bobo Dolls, & 2016 Presidential Elections

free speech

It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep hoping. The amount of news relating to events of violence and hate within the last year has often left me at a loss for words, overwhelmed by emotion, and wishing for the existence of a magical portal that would lead to a just reality, upholding the values of equality and kindness (man, how ... Read More »

DACA Eligibility Requirements

Dreamers not criminals

If you have heard that DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is simply a program for international folks – forget that notion. If you have similarly thought that DACA is for every immigrant in the United States of America, scratch that too. In fact, I want you to erase all thoughts you have had about individuals who qualify for ... Read More »

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