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Coffee, Philosophy, and a Galaxy Far Far Away — Chautauqua at the Coffeehouse

In 1992, French philosopher Marc Sautet commandeered The Café des Phares to hold informal, participatory discussions about everything and anything from the nature of truth to the mysteries of death. During the café philosophique, as Sautet coined it, Sautet’s role only ever amounted to that of facilitator – not providing answers, but nourishing independent thought and organic dialogue between the ... Read More »

Afterglow: Rekindling Spirits

afterglow pic

On Sunday evenings, dusk turning the Iowa sky into an expanse of embers, the Cheville Chapel carves itself out of the horizon, silent, and emblematic. However, one would little suspect that within its walls the Afterglow band’s music resounds through its sanctuary, meeting the ears and hearts of all the attendees of the 7pm service. For a building nearly four ... Read More »

The Vulnerable Past — An Interview with Julia Franklin on Her Art Show Picking up the Pieces


I think a lot of this show, too, is about responsibility. Like this piece over here, [a picture of Julia and her sister Jana, adolescents, displayed under a glass cloche]. At my mother’s funeral a year and a half ago, we kept being called “the Tucker girls”, that’s our nickname, and we’re in our forties, and were still called ‘The ... Read More »

Jonathan Montalvo – GU’s New Professor of Spanish


Preface: The first time I met Jonathan it was mid-August, myself in mid-sunburn (that repulsive molting phase) painting the Main Street mural with a crew of students, faculty, and locals. The two events coincided harmoniously because, not unlike the mural itself, Jonathan’s personality is colorful, vibrant, and a much welcomed addition to our community. He’s one of those rare few ... Read More »

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