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Hey I'm Natalia. I'm a first year student, supposedly an English major. (We'll see how long that lasts. I keep changing my mind) I'm an active member of Amici. I like watching Parks and Rec and Archer. My favorite movie is probably Juno, or maybe Tangled. I also really like writing, and I am super stoked about

Shaken It Up at New Years in November

On November 11 from 10pm-1am, COSA will be sponsoring the annual New Years in November event. This year there are going to be a few changes. There will be no pancake dinner after the dance this year. That’s right. No pancakes. But don’t you fret, for there will be pretzels, fruits, little sandwiches, and desserts provided during the event. Probably ... Read More »

Sodexo Hacks


We all have to do it. Every single day.Maybe you love it, maybe you hate, there is no getting around it. We have to eat Sodexo. True, every student has the option of buying themselves groceries, getting out the frying pan, and cooking up our own meals. No one has time or money to do that every time a growl ... Read More »

What the Heck-a is DACA?

daca 2

The four letter acronym that is being spread everywhere you look. DACA. There are a lot of misunderstandings when it comes to this issue. When did it start? Why was it established? Etc. So let’s clear things up. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is an idea made to protect illegal immigrant children. Former President Barack Obama established the law towards the ... Read More »

How Spectacular “Ruined” My Graceland Experience

The Spectacular poster from 2014, my first year at Spec.

Every summer,a camp at the end of July takes place here, on the Graceland University campus. It is hosted by the Community of Christ for high schoolers from around the nation. There are four main areas that the camp focuses on: sports, leadership, arts and worship, and it’s called Spectacular (like literally, that’s its name). There is a hearty population of students ... Read More »

Top Ten Memes of 2016

Gavin is the nephew of a successful viner called Nick Mastodon.

2016 was full of ups and downs, but the memes rarely disappointed. Check out this list of 2016’s best memes to remember some of the laughs you had last year.   Arthur There is no better way to express frustration than this childhood figure’s fist. Evil Kermit Kermit the Frog, the beloved Muppet, has become the face of many millennials’ inner ... Read More »

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


On November 18, Potterheads all around were going crazy over the premiere of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. This film is a somewhat prequel to the acclaimed and glorious Harry Potter series. This movie’s storyline doesn’t really overlap to the Harry Potter characters’ lives or timelines. The story takes place in 1926 in New York City and is focused ... Read More »

Giving Life to the Death of Pablo

Joy Bragg and Chris Potter mid dance showing off their second outfit in the fashion show.

Scaroused: the feeling of being scared and aroused at the same time. The entire audience sitting in the Shaw Amphitheater on Halloween night experienced this emotion. Chris Potter, a freshman from Tiona, debuted his performance art that was fashion meets dance meets zombies. It started with a DJ getting some music going. This got people in the crowd up and ... Read More »

Coulrophobia: An Epidemic

One of many clown masks that can be found masking a creeper.

The clowns. No doubt you’ve heard about them. Walking around at night with knives and baseball bats. Red frizzy hair. Faces painted white. Oversized shoes.  You probably think about them every time you have to walk alone in the dark. You imagine one creeping out from behind a tree, stalking its prey. You can see in its dead, dark eyes ... Read More »

The Soul Behind the Sting


You see him at every football game, but who’s behind the mask? I sat down with this individual to find out what it’s like to be the Graceland mascot. Is it hard to keep being the mascot a secret? It’s really not hard keeping it a secret. Any family or friends of mine that know make sure to keep it ... Read More »

Cory Dye, the Logo Guy


Internships are an effective way for students to immerse themselves into the workforce. Junior Cory Dye had the opportunity over the summer to work for American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN). What is that, you ask? It is an organization that links to businesses that provide transportation or distribution services to places in peril. They were founded after a bunch of ... Read More »

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