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Jenna Pitstick

The Vespiary: Graceland’s Literary Magazine


It all started with a graduation requirement. In the spring of this year, former student and editor of The Tower, Brandon Gates, gave Graceland something to remember him by. While taking his Senior Project course, a class necessary for an English degree, he embarked on a mission to restart Graceland’s literary magazine. Throughout the semester, Brandon overcame time restraints, budget concerns, and many other obstacles in order to ... Read More »

Get to Know Your 2014-2015 GSG Members

Kyle Macali What is your organization? Graceland Student Government What will your classification be next year? Senior What is your major? Business Administration and Economics, Minor Human Services What is your house? Powell What is your favorite thing about your organization and why? My favorite thing is that I have the opportunity to work with all of the organizations; it ... Read More »

“Vorrei Che Tu Fossi Chi” Art Exhibition Showing Now in the Helene Center

"Vorrei Che Tu Fossi Qui" poster, courtesy of Jessica Edwards

“Vorrei Che Tu Fossi Chi,” or “Wish You Were Here,” is a senior art exhibition by Visual Communication major, Jessica Edwards. The show, inspired by a combination of vintage travel media, modern design, and Italian cityscapes, seeks to explore and showcase the geographic and historical beauty of Italy. The show, which opened on March 31st, will be up until Friday ... Read More »

Graceland Bands are Branson Bound!

Panoramic shot of Branson Landing; photo courtesy of Frank Perez

Graceland’s Symphonic Band and Jazz Band will be heading to Branson for the coming weekend (April 4-6). The trip, one that Director Frank Perez hopes will open up more opportunities in the future, is the first one of its kind for Graceland in around seven years. On the trip, Graceland Bands will be performing at various venues throughout the city, ... Read More »

“Cut, Crinkle, Crumple” Art Show Coming to the Helene Center

Photo courtesy of Amanda Blum

Art student Amanda Blum’s Senior Honors Art Exhibition, “Cut, Crinkle, Crumple” will be showing in the Helene Center Critique Space from March 31st to April 11th. “Cut, Crinkle, Crumple” is a show focusing on something so ubiquitous that few of us consciously notice it: paper. Paper is, largely, a means to an end.  We use it to print assignments, we ... Read More »

COSA’s Big Man on Campus 2014: Dude Looks Like a Diva

Big Man Featured Image

This Saturday (March 29th), COSA will be putting on the annual Big Man on Campus event in the Shaw Center at 9:00pm. The event, a men’s pageant, is a well-known tradition at Graceland that allows halls to come together and compete in a friendly way.  Men’s halls select members from their own halls to compete, while women’s halls nominate men ... Read More »

Call for Submissions to Graceland’s New Literary Magazine!


Attention, writers and artists! Graceland’s new literary magazine, The Vespiary, is now accepting submissions of short stories, poems, creative nonfiction, and 2D black and white art.  Works that are chosen will be published in the magazine’s very first issue, coming out in early May. (Written works, in general, should not exceed 5,000 words.  However, some exceptions may be made on a ... Read More »

Graceland Theatre Department Presents: Becky’s New Car

Mim Sarre as Kenni and Claire McClain as Ginger

Becky’s New Car, a show by Steven Dietz, has parked in the JR Theatre for this weekend. Becky’s New Car, directed by Gary Heisserer, features the acting talent of Tracy Salter, Troy Lauduski, Braden Austin, Mim Sarre, Brian White, Spender Bergman, and Claire McClain. The pacing of the show picks up as soon as the audience is settled, with the ... Read More »

A New Semester Brings New Activities on Wednesday Nights


This semester, Graceland’s Chaplains have brought a variety of activities to Wednesday night.  Interested students can now choose from yoga, young adult fellowship, or Bible study at 7 pm on Wednesdays. The changes were made after the Chaplains noted potential exclusivity among previously Community of Christ-heavy Wednesday night services. According to Chaplain president, Travis Watanabe, the Chaplains were very interested ... Read More »

Graceland Students Invited to Participate in Merit

Graceland's Merit Homepage

Graceland University invites all students to participate in readMedia’s Merit program. Merit is an online service that works somewhat like LinkedIn.  It automatically keeps track of student accomplishments, called “achievements,” such as being on an honor roll.  Additionally, Merit allows students to put in their activities, job experience, and photographs. In previous years, the service would only keep track of ... Read More »

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