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BSU “Tunnel of Oppression” Event 4: Civil Rights Movement and Spoken Word

Noah Spoken Word

Thursday at 2pm in the MSC the Black Student Union spoke about the Civil Rights Movement and those who contributed to its efforts like Ella Baker who was a very influential director of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Many others were noted including Adam Clayton Powell Jr. who worked for desegregating schools in Washington D.C. ... Read More »

Work Your ASC Off!


Feeling a little bent out of shape? Not a fan of those rolls that have just a smidge too much jelly? Well you’re in luck! Graceland’s Academic Student Council (ASC) has deployed just the thing for you! Alternating Wednesdays from 8-9pm, you can try out a yoga class or Country Heat live! Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline ... Read More »

BSU “Tunnel of Oppression” Event 3: Jim Crow


Wednesday at 2 o’clock in the MSC, the Black Student Union (BSU) gave a presentation about the Jim Crow era in the United States and the events that led to the Jim Crow era. President of BSU Lashaunda Yates, Vice President Kee Richards, Meredith Salois, and Walker Hall Director Leslie Robinson presented. Over thirty people were in attendance. Today’s event ... Read More »

BSU “Tunnel of Oppression” Event 2: Underground Railroad/Emancipation Proclamation

BSU day 2

On day two of Black Week, the Black Student Union (BSU) shared about the path to freedom many slaves traveled in the 1800’s, what we know as the Underground Railroad. Starting in the Shaw Center, readers took turns describing aspects of African Americans journey to freedom that many of us know, like how thousands of slaves escaped the southern states ... Read More »

BSU “Tunnel of Oppression” Event 1: Reenactment of a Slave Auction


This week the Black Student Union (BSU) is putting on a series of events for Black Week. In addition to evening events every day at 2 o’clock there is a Tunnel of Oppression event. Each Tunnel of Oppression event focuses on a different theme. The theme for today was slavery. Outside the Shaw in the amphitheater the BSU did a ... Read More »

Pro Wrestling Comes to Lamoni


In an event unlike any ever seen before, COSA is presenting a new and exciting event this weekend. Impact Pro Wrestling is bringing 17 wrestlers, one for each house, to the Closson Center for the showdown of the century. Houses will cheer on their wrestler in the hopes that they will beat their rivals. At the end of the evening, ... Read More »

Democrat and Republican Clubs Get Students Engaged in Politics

(Photos: Courtesy GOP.org, Democrats.org)

Graceland has had a Young Democrats club for over 50 years. This year with the election, the club worked actively to promote the Democratic candidates on and off campus. In the past, Graceland has been successful at having U.S. presidential candidates come to visit Graceland. During Obama’s campaign, Graceland students went to see Obama speak in Osceola and Michele Obama ... Read More »

COSA Presents: New Years in November


You’ve heard of Christmas in July, but have you heard about New Years in November? Chances are, you’re probably asking yourself what this nonsense is, and, well—it’s basically if you took Prom and New Years and smooshed them together to make a really awesome dog that can do tricks and knows his own name—it’s pretty lit. COSA came up with ... Read More »

Afterglow: The Calm Before the Storm


Every Sunday at 7pm, students gather in the Cheville Chapel for Afterglow to experience some calm and meditation before the busy storm of the week begins. Dylan Pitt is the Afterglow coordinator this year, and, so far, he says it’s the one of the most enjoyable leadership positions he’s ever held. Dylan describes Afterglow as “postmodern church. It’s not necessarily ... Read More »

COSA: Year in Review

Agape and Amici: Winners of Airband!

This year, COSA (Campus Organization for Social Activities) kept the Lamoni campus thoroughly amused yet again. Every week, COSA sponsored a free Thursday Night movie at the Coliseum. The organization also continued many long enjoyed traditions such as Dodgeball, the Scavenger Hunt, and Airband during Homecoming, and New Years in November. Homecoming week was full of fun COSA events. This year, ... Read More »

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