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The Vulnerable Past — An Interview with Julia Franklin on Her Art Show Picking up the Pieces


I think a lot of this show, too, is about responsibility. Like this piece over here, [a picture of Julia and her sister Jana, adolescents, displayed under a glass cloche]. At my mother’s funeral a year and a half ago, we kept being called “the Tucker girls”, that’s our nickname, and we’re in our forties, and were still called ‘The ... Read More »

Helene Student Gallery: ¡Corre y se va con…!


Pictured: Artist Kari Cardiel in Morelia, Mexico Beginning April 10th and finishing April 25th, the Helene Student Gallery in Graceland University will witness a Mexican twist of the famous game of bingo. The gallery will have an art show which is about the traditional Mexican board game called “la lotería”. This game has been played since the last half of ... Read More »

‘Mavericks’ Art Show Open in the Helene


Beginning April 7th 2017 in the Helene Student Gallery at Graceland University there will be an art exhibition under the name of Mavericks. Mavericks is a senior show created by Rachel Norling. Rachel Norling is a senior Visual Communications student at Graceland University. With previous exhibitions being student exhibitions, this is Rachel first big show to display her semester’s work. ... Read More »

Constance Gallery: Now is the Time


During the prime time that is Homecoming, the Constance Gallery becomes a display of Graceland’s past, present and future; a representation of interests that transcend generations. Now is the Time, alumni Peggy Mothershead’s series of work on display starting September 30th, delivers its message subtly and with a familiarity that those returning to Lamoni after many years will appreciate. Mothershead, ... Read More »

Constance Gallery: The Man From Snowy River


The Man From Snowy River, a show that includes some of the work behind Elijah Loving’s graphic novel, based on A.B. Paterson’s poem of the same name, is less a finished product – you can pick up the publication for that – and more a work in progress. The pieces represent a journey from inception to completion and the processes ... Read More »

Juried Art Exhibition Opens


Guest Submission by Gary Rees The 2016 Graceland University Department of Art Annual Juried Art Exhibition opened last Thursday, April 7th, in the Constance Gallery with the display of art and announcement of awards. The exhibition runs through April 22nd. “As teachers, we have a very real passion for the success of our students,” Karen Gergely, Assistant Professor of Art, ... Read More »

Artist in Residence: Victor Cicansky


Origins and growth. Where do we come from and where do we go from there? These two themes are central to many of the works by Canadian ceramicist and clay artist Victor Cicansky, to whom Graceland University played host from March 28 to April 1, 2016. During that week, Cicansky held several live demos in the ceramics room of the Helene ... Read More »

What’s New in The Helene Center?


It’s that time of the year again: March. It’s time, yet again, for a whole series of Senior art shows to go up in the Helene Center. The first two shows currently up in the student galleries are Oswaldo Herrera’s Of Love and Relationships and Jasmine Morales’s Epona. Herrera’s Of Love and Relationships showcases a series of digital illustrations paired ... Read More »

Nanogeography: An Art Show by Tiberiu Chelcea


Our lives take place somewhere between physical and digital landscapes. In Tibi Chelcea’s artwork, he uses maps of circuit boards and topographical elements to help us chart out this new space we now occupy. With a mixture of traditional printmaking, painting techniques, and digital technologies, Chelcea’s maps connect the old and the new, the analog and the digital. Chelcea takes ... Read More »

Something Beautiful and Something Strange


In her show statement, artist Lauren Frances Evans mentions the Greek term omphalos. Translated directly, this word means navel, but beyond the literal meaning this word also refers to several different symbolic centers. The navel is a scar that we all carry. It symbolizes, in equal parts, both connection and subsequent separation. And while we are all quite familiar with ... Read More »

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