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Coffee and Books: A Senior Art Exhibit


Friday April 17th, marked the date of Bryan Tidwell’s senior art show, “Coffee and Books” in the Helene. Tidwell’s work went on display until April 24th, and included various original posters, hand drawn book covers, and other unique Tidwell products such as coffee mugs and t-shirts. His art work was designed to portray a local and family owned coffee shop, ... Read More »

Beresford Senior Art Show: “The Moment”

image (1)

It’s safe to say Senior Brandon Beresford has seen a lot of moments come and go through the years, whether in the classroom, on the soccer field, or just kicked back with friends in his home away from home here at Graceland. So what’s the significance of moment? What does it mean? Beresford hopes to awaken something in his audience ... Read More »

Skin Show: A Three-Person Art Show

Skin Show 1

Our bodies are covered in skin. We see it everyday. We feel it, scratch it, peel it, pop it, wash it, and pinch it. We may think about our bodies everyday, but how often do any of us take time to really think about what our skin is, or what it does? What if you could somehow remove yourself from ... Read More »

Artist Residency: Robert Lemay


Canadian artist Robert Lemay, who has had 30 solo exhibitions and has several paintings on display in the Shaw Center gallery, concluded his weeklong residency here at Graceland this past Friday. Over the course of the week, Lemay worked on an original painting in the public space of the Helene Center Lobby where students, faculty, and guests alike could stop ... Read More »

Artist Talks: Chris Roberts


Artist/Illustrator Chris Roberts visited the Helene Center Tuesday, September 30, in order to deliver an artist talk to Graceland students. Roberts speaks quickly, jumping from subject to subject, falling into disparate tangents and stray thoughts, and all the while his hands move constantly, pointing, sweeping, waving with twitching fingers. Chris Roberts speaks in much the same way he makes art. ... Read More »

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