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Indigenous People’s Day @ Graceland

indigenous 2

Last year, many students and faculty at Graceland dedicated weeks of their time to set up informational booths around campus to petition the celebration of Columbus Day on campus. Posters were designed, shirts were inked, and events were held in order to get the university to change the name on the school calendar. This year marks the first year that ... Read More »

#TakeAKnee Protests Less Prominent In College Football

football flag

For the last year or so, many football teams (and other national sports teams) have started to kneel during the national anthem. It is to show solidarity with the many black people who have dealt with racism and police brutality. Many believe it is because there are hundreds of people who don’t care about the military members that fight for ... Read More »

Free Speech, Bobo Dolls, & 2016 Presidential Elections

free speech

It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep hoping. The amount of news relating to events of violence and hate within the last year has often left me at a loss for words, overwhelmed by emotion, and wishing for the existence of a magical portal that would lead to a just reality, upholding the values of equality and kindness (man, how ... Read More »

Through Their Lenses Part One: Whitewash

diversity tree

In the coming weeks, the Tower will be releasing a short series of articles—an expose if you will—that will confront the topic of race through multiple lenses. The purpose of these installments is not to vilify, but to spread awareness to the Graceland community as well as the community at large. I hope you read these with intention and open ... Read More »

Get IT together Graceland

annoyeed student

Is it just me, or is it hard for some of you to do research for school work without access to internet? Now, this is obviously a first world problem, being withdrawn from wifi, but holy heck Graceland, get your shit together! School has been in session since August 21st, and guess what—I still can’t use internet in my room! ... Read More »

DACA, We Support You.


DACA has recently transformed from its previous subtle existence and wormed its way into the spotlight thanks to a recent decision by President Trump to end it in its entirety. It is a buzzword; working its way into social media, classroom discussion, and dinner-table conversation. The removal of the DACA program has caused an uproar. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ... Read More »

DACA Eligibility Requirements

Dreamers not criminals

If you have heard that DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is simply a program for international folks – forget that notion. If you have similarly thought that DACA is for every immigrant in the United States of America, scratch that too. In fact, I want you to erase all thoughts you have had about individuals who qualify for ... Read More »

What the Heck-a is DACA?

daca 2

The four letter acronym that is being spread everywhere you look. DACA. There are a lot of misunderstandings when it comes to this issue. When did it start? Why was it established? Etc. So let’s clear things up. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is an idea made to protect illegal immigrant children. Former President Barack Obama established the law towards the ... Read More »

Guacamole at a Cost


A couple years ago, The Tower wrote its first article about Graceland’s specific Sodexo program. When cereal was taken away in the Commons, due to a sketchy “cereal shortage,” students at GU were not exactly happy. Last semester and the beginning of this year have been met with additions to the food that students are forced to eat for nine ... Read More »

Now You’re Just Somebody That I Used to Know


  As a third-generation legacy student, I was raised hearing mischievous stories from my mom and her days as a student here at Graceland University. While hearing these stories, my mind was often bombarded with quite vivid imagery—ranging from naked runs through campus all the way to sneaking off with people’s towels in the showers. One of her funniest stories ... Read More »

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