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Why Are People So Afraid of Bats?


For years now I have wondered why people are so afraid of bats. I cannot be the only one who read the classic Children’s Book Stellaluna. I find it completely bewildering how people screech when they hear a bat is nearby. These small animals are the only mammals able to sustain flight. Besides a weird type of mouse, no other ... Read More »

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce!

Sophomores Carrie Tovey and Mackenzie Berg help Solah get a second place victory!

GU students completed their annual recycle drive house competition this past weekend, collecting as many recyclables as possible in pursuit of points that would transfer into house money for the top three halls. HOCO and Senate members, along with other dedicated students, were hard at work Saturday, collecting, organizing, and counting a huge number of recyclables, from plastic containers to ... Read More »

Big Plans in the Works for Sustainable Lamoni

Hoop House

Jen Abraham-White and the newly dubbed “Trash Talkers” of Sustainable Lamoni have been hard at work this year, juggling multiple projects around campus, many of which are to fall this weekend at Homecoming! For those who don’t know, Sustainable Lamoni is a student-lead, community impact club, whose primary focus is on awareness and education. They have led to the success ... Read More »

Arbor Day Press Release


On this Saturday, April 26th, Graceland University will be hosting the annual Arbor Day Celebration! Brother and sister houses will be paired up to clean and work on different areas around campus to make our community a little better and greener.  Along with your hard work on campus, there will be a scavenger hunt where you will compete against other ... Read More »

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