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Cory Dye, the Logo Guy


Internships are an effective way for students to immerse themselves into the workforce. Junior Cory Dye had the opportunity over the summer to work for American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN). What is that, you ask? It is an organization that links to businesses that provide transportation or distribution services to places in peril. They were founded after a bunch of ... Read More »

Dr. Catherine Clifford Takes On GU


Dr. Catherine Clifford is taking Lamoni by storm with a great attitude about new experiences. Although she grew up in Dallas, she now finds herself in Lamoni, IA, excited about living in a small town for a change. Before this transition, she attended Oklahoma State with track and cross country scholarships, defying her parents who went to the University of ... Read More »

Graduating Seniors Look Back on their GU Experience


With graduation on the horizon, it’s always nice to take a look back on what made our college experience great and look forward to see what it has helped create. Most of us, however, aren’t graduating this year, so here’s what the future holds for three of the seniors graduating from Graceland.   Haley Larson Major: Health Minor: Biology and ... Read More »

Talkin’ Trash


When I came to Graceland, I was so excited to start a new chapter in my life. I came in as a Religion and Philosophy major, soon to find out that it was not the path for me. As a member of CofC, I grew up going to camps and being a counselor. I’ve had some of the best memories ... Read More »

The Journey of Graduating Seniors


With graduation right around the corner, The Tower created a list of all the events that have occurred over the course of your existence. Some of these events may seem nostalgic, and others quite sad, but they are all part of your lives and experiences. The year is 1993, and most of you are born. You come into the world bright-eyed ... Read More »

The End of the Mesle Era

B & B kissing with purple paint

As many Seniors pack up and prepare to leave Graceland this week, two beloved Graceland professors are doing the same. After spending years as both students and professors at Graceland, Dr. Robert Mesle and Dr. Barbara Hiles Mesle prepare to retire from teaching. Barbara and Bob share a Graceland love story. Bob says, “She was the first girl I asked out ... Read More »

Scholars’ Showcase Provides Exceptional Experience for Students


Students got to enjoy the hard work that their colleagues put forward on Thursday, April 7 at Scholars’ Showcase. Events started at 9 am with a welcome session and transitioned into the keynote speaker, Roger D. Launius. Students attending the keynote picked up a stamp card that checked them into Showcase events and that was later turned in for a prize drawing. ... Read More »

Graceland Students Impact Local Politics

From left to right: William Morain, Ryan Nilsen, Jenna Pitstick, Anthony Ginger, Allie Weston, Richard Higdon, Kate Ytell, Erin Reynolds, Jessica Pycior, Alice Nelms, Steve Glazer, Terry Isley, Allysha Bilges, Brett Hall, and Samuel Bradley.

Guest Contributor: Jenna Pitstick Sixteen delegates were chosen to represent Bernie Sanders at the Decatur County Platform Resolution on March 12th in Leon, IA. I was one of them. The process was interesting and reminded me why every single voice matters. Out of these sixteen delegates, fifteen were students at Graceland University and the sixteenth was Professor Steve Glazer. The ... Read More »

The GSG Fight is Over!


The fight for GSG positions 2k16 is finally over, and I am here to give you the rundown of the winners of each position. So without further ado, here are your new GSG Officers for the 2016-17 school year: The winner out of the COSA corner is Hayley Rankin! House: Solah Year: Sophomore Major: Elementary Education with endorsements in reading ... Read More »

Who is Chris Peasley?

The signature greeting of Chris Peasley.

Known around campus for his signature phrase, “eyay,” with a hand gun gesture followed by a kiss sound, Chris Peasley is one of the most famous students at Graceland University. Chris comes from Lancing, Michigan, but now calls Dimondale, Michigan his home. He discovered Graceland University while attending Spectacular, a Community of Christ-sponsored church camp held in the summer. At the start ... Read More »

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