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The Ghostlight Project

IMG_3589 (1)

On Thursday, January 19th, The Graceland Theater Department participated in the Ghostlight project. The goal of the project, as stated on the project’s website (, is “to create a ‘light’ for dark times ahead, and to make, or renew, a pledge to stand for and protect the values of inclusion, participation, and compassion for everyone regardless of race, class, religion, country ... Read More »

More Than A Snow Day: Celebrate the Life of MLK Today!


If you’re a Lamoni campus student and thrilled with the prospect of having no classes today, your heart’s in the right place. But why weren’t classes canceled to begin with considering today is a nationally recognized holiday? Was Graceland ignoring a bigger problem that fixed itself with horrendous weather conditions? The scheduling of classes for universities is tedious, and scheduling ... Read More »

Top 9 Ways to Combat the Cold this Winter


Faced with the impending doom of Winter, we are tasked with finding a solution. Although your older brother’s hand-me-down jacket is a fantastic option, let’s get creative—here are 9 creative ways to bundle up and stay warm this frosty season! 1. Go thrift shopping and find a poppin’ new coat! 2. Make an igloo with your best pals. Crawl in, ... Read More »

Volunteer for GU Safe Ride!


If you’ve ever found yourself out at Choices on a Saturday night at 2am in the winter, it’s likely that you’ve needed a ride home. While many students are aware that they can call Safe Ride on the weekend for a free ride home, few know of the perks of volunteering for a night. For those unfamiliar with Safe Ride, ... Read More »

GU Students Turn Out to Vote

Students gather in the MSC Main Room for election results.

On November 8, student anxiously gathered in the MSC for an election party sponsored by the Social Equality Alliance, as well as other students and professors. The big screen was up to provide results as they came in, and a whiteboard map of the U.S. was colored red or blue as the votes were counted. Some students sat in chairs ... Read More »

Abolishing Columbus Day on Lamoni Campus


This semester a group of students and faculty are coming together for a common cause: abolishing the use of “Columbus Day” on campus and, hopefully, in Lamoni. The idea has been around for a long time and recently different groups and states have been changing their organizational and governmental calendars to host the new name: “Indigenous Peoples Day.” English professor ... Read More »

To 7 or Not to 7


Do you hate listening to music in a convenient format? Do you like having the newest, most original technology of your homies? Do you like pineapple on your pizza? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, chances are you might be a diehard apple fan and have already preordered the newly released iPhone 7. Since its release, ... Read More »

MyGraceland: Navigating Academia


While MyGraceland tries very hard to be user-friendly, there are always going to be parts of a website that some people can’t find or don’t understand. When I was an underclassman, I found myself fiddling around on MyGraceland when I looking for my class schedule or even when I was bored, but not all students do that (many others have ... Read More »

To Climb or Not to Climb: A Closson Center Journey


One of the few of its kind left in the world, Closson Center stands at the South side of campus with three humps, two dips, and a whole lot of charm. This is the type of charm that attracts all kinds of students – economics majors and spoken word poets, film fanatics and pre-med students – up to its dangerous ... Read More »

Scholars’ Showcase Provides Exceptional Experience for Students


Students got to enjoy the hard work that their colleagues put forward on Thursday, April 7 at Scholars’ Showcase. Events started at 9 am with a welcome session and transitioned into the keynote speaker, Roger D. Launius. Students attending the keynote picked up a stamp card that checked them into Showcase events and that was later turned in for a prize drawing. ... Read More »

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