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Guest Lecture: Indigenous Activism Across Media


On Thursday, March 24, guest speaker Joshua D. Miner gave a presentation entitled Indigenous Activism Across Media. The lecture focused on the role of new media such as film, social media, video games, etc. are playing in activist movements of Indigenous peoples. Additionally, all the various “Occupy” movements of recent history have dealt with elements of time and space that ... Read More »

The First Graceland Enactus Dance-a-Thon

There was more than dancing going on at the Dance-a-Thon! These students played "Hungry, Hungry Hippos!"

On Friday, March 11, Graceland students were preparing to be up even later than usual. Enactus members took afternoon naps and bought energy drinks and coffee. Other students laced up their comfiest tennis shoes and prepared for a night on their feet for the first Dance-a-Thon ever sponsored by Graceland Enactus. This idea had been circulating for awhile. “At one ... Read More »

What’s New in The Helene Center?


It’s that time of the year again: March. It’s time, yet again, for a whole series of Senior art shows to go up in the Helene Center. The first two shows currently up in the student galleries are Oswaldo Herrera’s Of Love and Relationships and Jasmine Morales’s Epona. Herrera’s Of Love and Relationships showcases a series of digital illustrations paired ... Read More »

The GSG Fight is Over!


The fight for GSG positions 2k16 is finally over, and I am here to give you the rundown of the winners of each position. So without further ado, here are your new GSG Officers for the 2016-17 school year: The winner out of the COSA corner is Hayley Rankin! House: Solah Year: Sophomore Major: Elementary Education with endorsements in reading ... Read More »

Spring Break… in February?


It’s almost here… spring break. That glorious week during which we get to head home and see family and high school friends. Some of us, like many college students, may head to the beach to get some much-needed sun rays and warmth. However, as I was planning my spring break this year, I hit a few speed bumps when I ... Read More »

Top 10 Last Minute Spring Break Ideas


If you’re anything like your classmates, chances are you’re a procrastinator. Thankfully, I’ve come up with a list of Top 10 spring break ideas that are sure to make everlasting memories. So, let’s strap in our seatbelts and get this show on the road! 1. Go on a road trip. Grab a couple of pals and hit the road. Plane ... Read More »

Supply Closet Helps Students in Need

The supply closet team after a fundraiser.

In 2013, Graceland University Enactus had the idea of creating an on-campus supply closet to aid students. This idea became a reality in September of 2014 when the Graceland Supply Closet opened. This project is managed by the Enactus Supply Closet team (composed of five members), and a student human services intern. This school year, Kiera Porter is the team ... Read More »

Graceland’s Theater Department Presents Love and Information

What is Love and Information? The ying-yang symbol that Graceland University’s drama department adopted for its set design is a good inclination of what it’s about. It’s the circle of life, the way we humans communicate by expressing emotions as well as passing information. Some have also described it as “a kaleidoscope of humanity, and I like that image. Watching ... Read More »

Vote in the 2016 GSG Elections!

Current candidates for GSG positions at Bearpits Monday night.

It’s that time of the year again; it’s Graceland Student Government election season. Every year, students from varying majors and backgrounds put themselves on trial in order to enter the race to improve everyday student life here at Graceland. On Monday, these prospective GSG officers ran the gauntlet for their prospective office at Bearpits, withstanding the torrent of questions from ... Read More »

Student Directors Need YOU to Audition!

This is a unique year for the theatre department here at Graceland University. Not only is Graceland officially running two avant-garde-esque shows, one of which will be directed by a special guest director, but there will also be eight 20-minute one-act shows from the students of the Directing II class. And they need YOUR help! This Friday, February 12th, The ... Read More »

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