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International Night: Not The Same Old Song and Dance

If you were not at International Night this last Saturday then you sure missed out on an evening filled with exciting talent.  At 7 p.m. on Saturday, November 2, people gathered in the Shaw Auditorium to support the diverse student body that is present on Graceland University’s campus. The audience got to witness a variety of acts, from singing to ... Read More »

Spooktacular Night

A few days have gone by since Halloween, but I know most of us are still soaking up the awesomeness of that night.  It would be hard to make a case against the awesomeness of Halloween; you get to dress up as anything you want, and devour seemingly endless amounts of candy, and watch classic movies like Halloweentown and Hocus ... Read More »

Where Do You See Graceland Going?

Perhaps the largest benefit to moving the Tower online is the ability and ease to give feedback – something that was much more difficult to manage in past years.  This article is designed for such feedback.  What are your ideas for where the school should go next? Not just to say, “we need a larger student body”, but suggestions of ... Read More »

Winter Term Faces Changes as a Result of Calendar Alignment Proposal

The Graceland faculty voted by secret ballot on Monday, November 4th on the controversial Calendar Alignment Proposal, which has garnered attention among faculty, students, and alumni especially because of its relationship to Winter Term. Winter Term was a period during the month of January immediately preceding the spring semester, during which students could choose to return to campus and take ... Read More »

NAMI Walk in Des Moines


On October 5th, members and friends of the Graceland University Active Minds Club went to Des Moines, IA to celebrate “Stop Out Stigma” week. The club helped to stomp out stigma with every step of a 3-mile NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Walk. The walk was sponsored by several local businesses and helped raise funds to support programs and ... Read More »

Zombie Prom: The Halloween Tradition Rises Again!

Zombie Prom Promotional Poster; image courtesy of Tabi Gonzalez

Zombie Prom returns this Friday after a one year hiatus, once more filling the Helene Center with the shockingly coordinated dance moves of the shambling undead. The event, taking place between 8:00 pm and midnight on Friday, October 25th, is put on by the Art Club (formerly known as the Art Student Society).  The event has something for everyone, including ... Read More »

Little Shaw of Horrors: Plants Behaving Badly in Graceland’s Homecoming Production

Seymour (Braden Austin), Audrey (Mim Sarre), and Mr. Mushnik (Justin Pontier) examine "a strange and interesting plant"; photo credit Michael Gruich

Little Shop of Horrors takes root in the Shaw Center this weekend as the 2013 Homecoming production. The musical, a campy take on the Faust story, follows shy florist Seymour as he finds fame after nurturing “a strange and interesting plant” that he purchased for $1.95.  However, the plant (named “Audrey II” after Seymour’s unrequited love/fellow flower shop employee) has a ... Read More »

GU Honors Takes Annual Trip to Chicago

Honors students in the Chicago Shakespeare Theater, following the performance of Cyrano de Bergerac; photo credit Bob Mesle

  The students of Graceland’s Honors Program went on the annual trip to Chicago during the weekend of October 4-6. After meeting behind the Commons in the early morning hours, Graceland students traveled across the Mississippi and into Illinois, settling in at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Chicago’s neighborhood of Hyde Park. The first day’s activities culminated in a performance ... Read More »

How to Survive Your Freshman Year

At the start of our college careers we are introduced to new people, new environments, and new lifestyles.  It can be exciting as well as intimidating, making for a potentially stressful first semester.  Since most college students have experienced this anxiety at some point, I’ve collaborated with several upper classmen, alumni, and peers, asking their best advice for new Graceland ... Read More »

Active Minds at GU Opens the Door for Dialogue

Active Minds at Graceland University intends to break the silence surrounding our inner struggles through PostSecretU. PostSecretU is a community art project sponsored by Active Minds, Inc. and Frank Warren, creator of the popular PostSecret blog. The program creates an open and safe forum on campus for students to express secrets, regrets, fears, desires, hopes, dreams, hidden acts of kindness, ... Read More »

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