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Cut To That


The GU Players Improv Team put on a free show November 4th, for students looking to lighten up their Tuesday night with some original comedic wit. The show lasted about an hour, and included all kinds of different skits and scenarios, fabricated on the spot by members of the improv team (with a little help from the audience). Some of ... Read More »

House Induction Ceremonies

Solah Inductions

Every year, each house holds an inductions ceremony for new students. The inductions ceremony serves as an official welcome to new students a few weeks after school starts, once the freshmen and transfer students have fallen in to a routine. Each house has different traditions, but a theme of bonding and welcoming prevails throughout each ceremony. Aponivi held a ceremony ... Read More »

Get to Know Your 2014-2015 GSG Members

Kyle Macali What is your organization? Graceland Student Government What will your classification be next year? Senior What is your major? Business Administration and Economics, Minor Human Services What is your house? Powell What is your favorite thing about your organization and why? My favorite thing is that I have the opportunity to work with all of the organizations; it ... Read More »

Net Neutrality: Not Nearly so Neutral, Now

Submitted by guest contributor Sam McFarlin The U.S. Court of Appeals struck down important parts of the FCC’s Open Internet policy in a ruling on the Verizon vs FCC case in January. This policy defined the rules of net neutrality, a concept which requires all Internet service providers (ISP) to make Internet content available at equal speeds to every user. ... Read More »

Is CAPTCHA Obsolete?

Submitted by guest contributor Austin Webberley If you’ve ever wanted to post a comment to a blog or registered a new email, you’ve surely encountered the dreaded distorted text that is CAPTCHA. These tests, while sometimes obnoxious to solve, are in place to prevent any unwanted “bots” from getting into parts of the Internet that they shouldn’t be in.  If ... Read More »

Senate on Twitter


Graceland Senate is now on Twitter.  This will allow Senate to better relay events to students. To follow Senate on Twitter, just look up @GU_Senate. Read More »

Senate: February 12

Since spring semester started, Senate has been working on shuffling around committees to make room for the elections committee.  That committee will work with the GSG candidates during the election process as well as organize bear pits and speeches.  We also wanted to announce that appropriations are now open for spring semester.  Look for more updates from your Senate as ... Read More »

Press Release – Student Activity Fee Reallocation

(Submitted by Antonia Davidson, Speaker of the Senate) The Graceland Student Government Officers have recently reallocated the Student Activity Fee for the 2014-2015 school year at their annual budget meeting.  The total amount of the Student Activity Fee was not changed, but the areas to which it is distributed were slightly changed. The Student Activity Fee contribution to the Performing ... Read More »

Lamoni Farmer’s Market

A great chance to bring Graceland students and the Lamoni community (and surrounding areas like Leon and Davis City) together will take place on December 3rd. From 2:30 to 5:30 in the MSC Mainroom, there will be local vendors selling homemade goods like banana bread, jam, Christmas wreaths, dried flowers, fudge, scarves, and other crafts and baked goods.  This is ... Read More »

From the Editor

Welcome to the Tower‘s website! The staff and I are all very excited to have this site up and running.  We hope you all enjoy it! The plan to make the Tower digital took some time to get off the ground, but now we anticipate being able to publish with more regularity.  Last year, many events lacked coverage because of ... Read More »

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