Tuesday , February 20 2018
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The Buzz on Beekeeping at Graceland

Photo Credit: http://www.graceland.edu/blog/971374/pollinators-of-lamoni-a-guide-to-our-arthropod-allies

For those of you that don’t know, the Sustainability Crew here on campus has been steadily advancing in their efforts to construct a community beehive here in Lamoni. Those that are currently taking initiative on the project are Jen Abraham-White (Sustainability Coordinator), Caleb Torres (Student), and Alison Lancelotti (Student). Both of these student initiators have previous experience with beekeeping alongside ... Read More »

Where Do You See Graceland Going?

Perhaps the largest benefit to moving the Tower online is the ability and ease to give feedback – something that was much more difficult to manage in past years.  This article is designed for such feedback.  What are your ideas for where the school should go next? Not just to say, “we need a larger student body”, but suggestions of ... Read More »

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